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Create a handy ripple diagram using PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instruction to draw this useful diagram. This tutorial has been updated with step by step video on how to create the effect in latest versions of PowerPoint.

The ripple effect diagram you’ll learn today is:

This simple and stunning diagram has the power to grab and hold your audience attention, while helping you convey your message effectively.

Where to use the ripple or impact diagram?

You can use the diagram to represent multiple levels of impact triggered by an action. For example, you can useit to talk about the different levels of impact on environment caused by hazardous emissions of a factory.

Or you can talk about how different layers of management are affected by a decision taken at the centre.

You will find this concept diagram highly useful in your business and strategic presentations. Let us learn to create the diagram in simple steps:

Step 1: Create concentric circles

Go to Auto shapes menu and select the ‘donut’ tool

Donut Shape PowerPoint
Draw a perfect circle holding the ‘Shift’ tab. Use the yellow diamond handle in the inner rim to adjust the width of the band. Remove the outline.

Make a copy of the circle. Right click on the circle -> Size and Position -> Check the ‘lock aspect ratio’ option and scale the size of the new circle to 80% of the original circle.

Make a copy of this new circle and continue the process.

Once you have sufficient number of circles of different sizes, select all and use Arrange -> Align -> Align centre and Align middle options.

You will get a series of concentric circles like this:

Group all the circles together using ‘Ctrl+G’ option.

Step 2: Create the ripples

The next step is to Right click on the group -> Format shape -> 3D rotation ->Presets – >Parallel -> Off Axis 1 Top.

3D Rotation option in PowerPoint
This will give 3D perspective to the circles and the result will be as shown here:

Ripples in PowerPoint

Step 3: Draw the water drops

Go to Auto shapes menu and select the ‘tear drop’ tool from the Basic shapes menu.

Drag the yellow diamond handle to form the shape of a drop and let the pointed tip face up. Right click on the shape -> Format shape -> 3D format -> Bevel -> Top, Bottom -> Circle.

Enter the Width and Height value as 40 each. Remove the outline. You can adjust the material and lighting setting till you are happy with the result.

Water Droplet in PowerPoint

Once done, ‘cut’ the shape and ‘paste special’ it back as PNG image. This will help you to scale the image without losing the bevel effect.

Make a couple of copies of the drop, vary the size and position them above the centre of the concentric circles as follows:

Ripple Effect Diagram in Powerpoint
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Step 4: Finish the diagram with water background

Draw a rectangle that covers the bottom half of the slide. Remove outline. Use a vertical gradient fill from light blue to white to achieve the following result:

Water background for Template
Note: We used a water background like this for bridge diagram as well.

Put all the elements together; add relevant callouts and your diagram is ready!

Ripple Effect Diagram in Powerpoint

Step by Step Video on Creating Ripple Effect in PowerPoint

Alternative Impact Diagrams:

If you want a simpler alternative, you can use 3 concentric circles ‘aligned left’ as follows:

Here are some Ripple effect diagrams from our Diagrams pack:

More Ripple Effect or Impact diagram options:

Impact Diagrams from PowerPoint CEO Pack

Source: Cause Effect Diagrams from CEO Pack

You can also read a number of other advanced tutorials in our website. There is a wide collection that you may never see anywhere else.

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