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Learn to create a road signs graphic in PowerPoint. Follow our simple instructions to create this useful graphic for your business presentations.

The graphic of road signs in PowerPoint you’ll learn  to create today is:

Road Signs in PowerPoint

You can use the graphic as section header in your business presentations. The sign board on the left indicates the topics that have been covered already. The sign board on the right indicates the topics that will be covered later. The sign board in the middle indicates the topic to be covered now.

This simple freeway sign graphic is made of three parts. They are:

  1. Sign boards
  2. The frame that holds the sign boards and
  3. The road

Let us see how to create the graphic from scratch.

1. Create the sign boards

First draw a rectangle using auto shapes. Fill the shape with green color and remove outline.

Base Rectangle for Signboard Draw a smaller rectangle to fit inside this rectangle. Let the outline color be white and remove shape fill.

Signboard with outline Add relevant text inside the box. Add sheen to the board to give it a more realistic look. Learn how to create sheen in this tutorial. The result will be as follows:

Sign board with text You can make three copies of the sign board for the graphic.

2. Create the frame that holds the sign boards

Use ‘Rectangle’ tool from auto shapes menu to draw three rectangular blocks to serve as the frame that holds the sign boards.

Frame for Signboards When you remove the outline and fill the shapes with black color – the frame will be ready.

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3. Create the road

The road graphic is made of 2 trapezoid shapes. The larger trapezoid shape that serves as road is colored black. The narrower trapezoid shape that forms the central divider is colored white. You may follow this step by step tutorial to learn to create the road graphic:

Base Road Graphic When you put the three pieces together you get the final freeway sign diagram as follows:

Final Freeway Road Sign

Variations of the diagram:

We wish to share with you some variations of road signs in PowerPoint taken from our ‘PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates packs for CEOs’. The two CEO packs have more than1600 premium charts, graphs, graphics and diagrams to help you visualize every business idea imaginable.

Here is a road sign with four boards:

road sign with four boards from CEO pack 2

Source: elearning templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Another simple road sign that can be used as agenda slide:

Agenda Slide made like Road Sign from CEO pack 2

Source: Agenda Templates from CEO Pack 2

Timeline Template showing Milestones

Timeline Template showing Milestones

Source: Timeline templates from CEO Pack 2

A conceptual template that portrays ‘confusing factors’:

Concept Roadsigns from CEO Pack 1

Source: PowerPoint Concepts from CEO Pack 1

Project Roadmap from PowerPoint charts CEO Pack 1

Project Roadmap from CEO Pack 1

It takes a lot of time and effort to create professional quality graphics like the example templates you saw in this article. If you are a busy business presenter, and don’t have the time to create such high quality graphics you can take a look at our ‘PowerPoint charts and Diagram Templates 2 Pack Bundle for CEOs’.

It is surprisingly easy to use the templates from CEO packs. Just choose the template that matches your thought. Replace the sample text with your own text and your business slides get ready in no time!

We hope you liked this article on creating a simple freeway sign. There are 170+ tutorials in this website…

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