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Create 3D milestones and Roadmap with PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create the useful diagram template from the scratch.

The Roadmap in PowerPoint with 3D Milestone you’ll learn today is:

The diagram is as useful as it is beautiful. You can use the diagram to:

  • Represent milestones of your Project
  • To show section titles for your timeline based presentation
  • To present significant events in your company history

Let us learn to create the diagram step by step:

Step 1: Create the base shape

Go to Auto shapes menu and choose ‘Round Same Side Corner Rectangle’ tool to draw the stone. Pull the yellow diamond handles to the centre to give full curvature to the top edge. Use the regular ‘Rectangle’ tool to create the base:

rounded corner for mileston

Shade the stone in Grey and the base in Red for visual appeal. Select both the shapes and group them using ‘Ctrl+G’ shortcut.

basic milestone for roadmap

Step 2: Apply 3D perspective

Right click on the group; go to Format Shape -> 3D Rotation ->Select ‘Off Axis 1 Right’ option.

3d rotation to mileston

This will create the angle needed for the milestone.

Step 3: Add thickness to the stone

To add thickness to the stone, go to 3D Format in the ‘Format Shape’ menu and increase the depth to 45. When you click on ‘Material’ tab – a drop down menu appears. Choose ‘Dark Edge’ under Special effects. The result will be as follows:

bevel for stone shap

Go to Shape effects option and under ‘Shadow’, choose ‘Perspective Diagonal Upper Left’. This completes the milestone diagram.

shadow for roadmap mileston

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Step 4: Add text and give the final touches

Draw a road at the background and place three milestones on the road. Make sure that the milestones are progressively smaller in size to indicate distance. Write your desired text using ‘Text box’ option in Auto shapes menu. After you finish writing the text, click on the text -> Format -> Text Effects -> 3D Rotation -> Parallel ->Off Axis 1 Target.

text effect with 3d rotatio

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This will give the necessary angle for the text. Place the text on the milestones. The final roadmap in PowerPoint with 3D milestones will be as follows:

You can add more milestones by making copies of the shape.

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