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Sales Concepts in PowerPoint

Important Note: These animations are created in PowerPoint itself and are fully editable. They are NOT flash files or images.


Sales concepts template set has a number of readymade sales concepts which you can copy to your presentation slides. The sales concepts included in the set are: Sales management, Input – throughput and output, processing, various motivation levels, organize – categorize – act method, One to one campaign versus Viral campaign, selecting the right tool for the right problem, problem resolution method, selecting the right options from many choices, understanding and prioritizing needs, classifying and sorting options, snowball effect, movement from prospecting leads to sales conversion, sales pipeline, sales funnel, relationship balance, picking the right prospect and recruiting the right sales person. The other keywords that indicate the diagrams in this set are: selling concept, marketing concept, management concept, selling principles etc.

Animated PowerPoint Sales Process Concepts

Input Throughput Output Concept

Team with Different Motivation Levels

Managing Email Effectively: Sort Categorize Act

One-to-One vs Visual Campaign Sales Concept

Selecting Right Tool for Right Problem

Problem Resolution Method

Selecting the Right Options from Many Choices

Understanding and Prioritizing Needs

Classifying And Sorting Options

Snowball Effect: Sales Concept

Movement From Prospecting Leads To Sales Conversion

Animated Sales Pipeline Diagram

Recruiting the Right Sales Person

Sales Concept: Prospecting with Cold Calls and Referrals

Customer Prospecting


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