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Take control of the way your slides are designed, by creating your own slide master in PowerPoint 2007. Watch and learn from our video tutorial.

Here are some custom layouts you can create after you learn this tutorial:

Custom Slide Master Tutorial

You may want to custom your slides with custom layouts because:

  • You may want to give a fresh look to your slides instead of using the same old PowerPoint slide layouts, which your audience has grown tired of looking at
  • You may want to create customizable marketing material, in which your sales teams can change the pictures and text without altering the layout to maintain consistency in the look and feel.
  • You may have liked certain layouts and want to use them regularly without wasting your time adjusting the elements each time

Whatever your reasons are, the lesson in this tutorial will help you achieve your objective.

Watch the video tutorial to create your own custom Slide layouts:

Here are is the PowerPoint Tutorial Steps for your easy reference:

  1. Go to View -> Slide Master
  2. Go the left panel, right click and insert new layout
  3. Remove the unnecessary elements by selecting and deleting them
  4. Adjust the font and size of the existing elements
  5. Go to ‘Insert Placeholder’ and click on the small arrow below the tab
  6. Choose the placeholder element like Content, Picture, Chart, Smart Art etc. and drag the cursor on the slide to draw and resize the area where the element appears
  7. Rename the layout to easily identify the nature of the layout and close the Master view
  8. Create a new slide, right click and select Layout. You will find the new layout option you just created.

Saving the changes as a Template:

It is a good idea to create a library of all the different layouts you want to use and save the file as PowerPoint template. This is a presentation resource that can be invaluable.

All you need to do is to select ‘Save As’ and in the ‘Save As type’ select ‘PowerPoint Template’ instead of the usual PowerPoint presentation. This will save the file as .POTX instead of PPTX. You can use this file to create your future presentations and save loads of time.


Simple techniques like creating your own custom layout in Slide master save a lot of your valuable time in creating presentations.

You can find many more such tips and creative ideas for your presentations in this website.

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