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Discover a simple way to add a PowerPoint spotlight. Learn to create this useful design element that helps you showcase product pack shots and other images.

The spotlight in PowerPoint you’ll learn is:

Spotlight in PowerPointThere are a lot of applications of this useful design element. Let us learn to create the effect from scratch in a step by step way.

Updated : Video tutorial on how to create the Spotlight effect:

The video is recorded with PowerPoint 2016. You can use any version of PowerPoint to follow along.

Create the light source:

Go to Auto shapes menu and pick the ‘Oval’ tool to create a small ellipse as shown here:

Oval toolThis will form the light source. The next step is to draw a beam of light coming from the light source.

Draw the light beam:

Go once again to auto shapes menu and pick the ‘Trapezoid’ tool to draw a trapezium as shown here:

Add Trapezoid for SpotlightThis forms the light beam. It is time to fill the trapezium with ‘gradient fill’ to make it look like a light beam.

Apply gradient fill to light beam:

First remove the outline of the trapezium. Right click on the shape -> go to ‘Format shape’. Under ‘Fill’ option go to ‘Gradient fill’.  Choose one of the presets called ‘Moss’. Change the direction of the fill to ‘Linear up’. You will get the following result:

Add Gradient to Light AreaThe next step is to change the fill color at various stops. Here is the specification to follow:

Stop 1 – Position 0%, Color – white, Transparency – 0%

Stop 2 – Position 50%, color – yellow, Transparency – 70%

Stop 3 – Position 100%. Color- yellow, Transparency – 100%

The result will be as follows:

Image with Gradient for Spotlight

Change the fill and outline of the light source:

The last step is to change the color fill of the ellipse to yellow and the outline to black. This will make it look like a lamp stuck on the ceiling. You can place the object right under the light source. Here is the final result:

Final Spotlight GraphicRelated: PowerPoint Effect Sticky Note

Applications of the design in business slides:

There are a number of interesting applications of the graphic we just created. Here are some examples where we used the graphic:

Showcasing product pack shot using the technique:

Product Pack Shot Marketing Template

Source: Marketing Templates from PowerPoint Graphics CEO Pack 2

Showcasing text using the technique:

Spotlight on Key Ideas Template  from CEO Pack 2

Source: Overcoming Problems : CEO Pack 2

Combining the technique with a clipart:

Finding Solution PowerPoint Template

Source: Overcoming Problems : CEO Pack 2

You can see how we have creative used even cliched clipart to create innovate PowerPoint templates.

Using it as part of a concept graphic:

Cause and Effect Concept from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Using it in combination with other PowerPoint graphics:

Evaluate Options PowerPoint TemplateIt is not always to come up with creative ideas to visualize your business ideas in a visually interesting way.

It helps to have a bank of readymade ideas which you can rely upon every time you want to create business presentations. That is why we came up with our PowerPoint CEO Packs for CEOs and business presenters.All diagrams showcased on this article is taken from the pack.

See more such PowerPoint metaphors from PowerPoint Graphics and Concepts CEO Pack 2 >>

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