Stunning PowerPoint Zoom Animation Trick

In this video, you’ll learn how to create an interesting zoom animation effect. The effect looks like this:


That’s right. A part of a picture pops up as an animation when you click on the slide. It is a very versatile and useful effect as you can use it to…

-Highlight one person in a group photo

-Point to different states in a map

-Zoom into a part of a product pack shot etc..

You can do all of this and more in less than 10 minutes with the power of PowerPoint animation.

Some of the tools we use in this video:

      * Different types of Picture crop tools
      * Inserting a shape and formatting it
      * Applying and adjusting entrance animation effects…

Are you ready to learn the trick? Watch the video below:

The tutorial can be followed in any version of PowerPoint.

Important: This video has sub-titles available.

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