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Discover a simple way to present a long table in PowerPoint. Use the power of ‘push’ transition to pan across the table spread over multiple slides.

Problem in presenting a long table in PowerPoint:

Sometimes you may need to present tables with data spanning across a number of years. When you stick the table on your slide, the data can’t be seen by people in the last row:

 When you increase the font size of the numbers, the table looks clumsy:

 In this article, we will show you a simple way to pan across the table in PowerPoint using slide transition.

Here are the steps to achieve the effect above..

Step 1: Set up the data table

The first step is to set up the data table on the slide in such a way that the numbers are written with a font size of 24. This is the minimum font size you need to use if you want to present slides to a large gathering. If the room size is small – you may settle for a font size of 20. Anything smaller will be difficult for the audience to read on the slide.

When you set up the table this way, you may find that you need to break up the data into 2 or 3 slides instead of 1. Please go ahead and split your data across multiple slides. Here is an example of how we split the data into 2 slides:

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Step 2: Align the position of the data table

The next step is to carefully align the position of the data table across multiple slides.

For this, right click on the slide and go to ‘Grid and Guides…’

Click on the checkbox next to ‘Display drawing guides on screen’. This will place the drawing guides on your slides.

Place the guides touching the top and bottom edges of the table. (Note that you can copy a drawing guide by dragging the guideline while holding ‘ctrl’ tab). Go to the next slide and ensure that your tables lie within these parameters.

Here is the slide sorter view of our table split across two slides:

Step 3: Apply ‘Push’ transition

Go to the second slide and apply ‘Push left’ transition by going to Animations tab:

Now, when you go to slideshow and press ‘Enter’, you can see the second slide moving in from right – giving the illusion of the view panning across the data table. This not only makes it easy for you to present the data with ease, but also helps your audience see the numbers clearly.

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