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Teamwork Templates : Liaison

Description: The templates in this set are based on the concept of teamwork. Some of the concepts you can convey using the templates in this set are: liaison between two teams, combined opinion, words from the top, pulling in opposite direction, transition from one team to another, playing the blame game, interdependence, collaboration, irrevocable bond, processing ideas together, attracting the right talent, selecting the right candidate, making the right choice etc.

Combined Opinion | Playing the Blame Game Concept

Combined Opinion

Words from the top to the team

Interdependence | Processing together


Pulling in opposite directions

Team Collaboration | Irrevocable Bond


Main Person for Liaison across teams

Main Person for Liaison

Different Chains for use as metaphors

PowerPoint Editable Battery Graph to display team performance

Different level of charges | Energy in Team

Different level of charges

Alternatives for Battery | Making the right choice

Alternatives for Battery

Transition from one team to another

Key Decision Maker | Attracting Right Talent

Key Decision Maker

Factors that protect the team

Selecting the right candidate | Factors that Protect the team

Selecting the right candidate

Attracting the right element

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