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Customer Testimonials for Visual Graphs Pack:

It is a useful tool to quickly share numerical results to an executive team in a visually appealing fashion.  I like the way the graphs rearranges itself to accommodate the data.  Also, I really like the vast gallery that you have come up with, including the named graphs like Pareto, cascade and others.

I did contact you by Facebook to find out how to automatically feed the underlying spreadsheet on your graph slides.  You answered me promptly.

I rate this product overall as excellent!

Eduard Gottschalk
Commercial Director , Financial Services

The ability to edit the data for a graph is good. The graphics are very good looking. Excellent!

Gustavo Gutierrez Saucedo
Telecom Industry

The variety of graphs/charts is very helpful. Good!

Michael Gillis
SVP, Investments Company

I found the Visual Graphs pack easy to use and it has a low learning curve. Excellent!


Partner, Telecom Industry, Canada

Every graph and every template that you guys make is phenomenal and thought provoking!!! It has been worth it.

Keep it up!! Your customer service has replied very fast and is easy to approach.

Tushar Jain

Manager, Telecom Industry, India

Absolutely!  This is a seamless, innovative and professional set of templates and the resulting presentation is something to be proud of.


This product has been useful to me for: Financial reporting

Casey. W.
CFO/COO in Financial Technology Industry

The product has been useful for creating reports and presentations

Valerie Sue
Researcher in Health Care Industry

I use it – especially the water fall graph. It really helps me save time.

Budi Riawan
GM at Essilor Indonesia

This product has been… great for presentations

Gus Cabrera

Director in the Political Industry


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