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Learn to create ripple text animation in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful text animation for your business presentations.

The ripple text animation effect you’ll learn to create today is:

You can use the animation to indicate ripple effect or just to draw attention to the text in a self running presentation. It is surprisingly easy to create this animation from scratch. Let us learn the steps right away.

Step 1: Write the text

Write the text you need to apply ripple effect to. A single word works well. The words could be ‘Market’, ‘Core’, ‘Growth’ etc. Make a copy of the text and change the font color to a very light version of the original text. For example, the colors we used for our example text are:

Step 2: Apply animation to the lighter colored text

The next step is to click on the lighter colored text and go to custom animation pane. Apply Emphasis effect called ‘Grow/ Shrink’

Let the growth be 150%. The Start should be ‘with previous’ and the speed should be ‘Very Fast’.

Then go to custom animation pane and right click on the animation event to go to ‘Timing’ dialog box. Click on the drop down menu next to ‘Repeat’ and select the option called ‘Until End of Slide’ as shown below:

Step 3: Place the texts one above the other

The last step is to place the texts one above the other. Let the darker colored text be in the front. Save the file and go to ‘Slideshow’ to play the animation.

Since the text in the front doesn’t have any animation it remains stationary. The lighter colored text keeps growing to 150% and back repeatedly, creating a pulsating text animation effect.

Variation of the effect:

You can add another copy of the lighter colored text and let the font size be even lighter. Let the growth be 250%. Right click on the text and ‘send it back’. Since the text is a copy of the version that is already animated, the ‘repeat’ function exists already. When you align all the copies, you get a different result. 

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Smart option for busy presenters:

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Here is another example:

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