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In this article you will learn how to create an interesting floating text effect in PowerPoint. This effect makes text pop out and is useful for title slides or on 3d text boxes.

Sometimes simple effects we include on our slides can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. One such effect is ‘Floating text effect’. Here is an example of the effect applied to the title slide of a presentation:

Text Effect in PowerPointThe effect makes the text pop out in 3D. It is a surprisingly simple effect to create. You can apply the text even on 3D shapes as shown below:

3D text boxes with float effectLet us see how to create the effect from scratch on a 3D rectangular block.

Step 1: Create the base shape with text

First create a rectangular block using ‘Rectangle’ tool in auto shapes menu. Add text to the shape using ‘Edit text’ option.

Basic Text Box

Step 2: Apply 3D perspective and bevel

Right click on the rectangle and go to 3D rotation option. Use the preset under ‘Perspective’ called as ‘Perspective relaxed’.

Relaxes Perspectiv Effect for Text boxPerspective Related 3D Effect
Go to 3D Format option and add a top bevel preset called ‘Convex’. Add a depth of 25pt. Add a shadow preset to the shape called ‘Offset center’ under ‘Outer’ shadow presets.

3D Settings for floating text effectShadow Presets
Now the base 3d shape is ready. It is now time for our text to float.

Step 3: Add text shadow effect

Go to Text Effect options.

Applying Text Effects MenuText Effects Menu

You can also reach the text effects options by selecting the text, right clicking and going to ‘Format shape’ option and ‘Text options’.

Increase the size of the shadow. Increase the distance. Change the angle too. Play with the distance and angle parameters till you are happy with the result. Here are the measures for the effect we achieved:

Modified Shadow Effects for TextFinal Shadow Settings

You can vary the 3D perspective of the underlying shape the way you like. The text can be made to pop out by varying the angle and distance of the shadow applied to text.

Go ahead and try the variation to your title slides.

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