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Top 10 PowerPoint Tutorial Videos of 2017 from Presentation Process

Discover the Top 10 PowerPoint Tutorial Videos of 2017 on Presentation Process YouTube Channel.  Go through the most popular PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for 2017 and starting making over your presentation slides today!

Top 10 Tutorials Countdown Video

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#10: How to Create 4 Quadrant Cycle

Here is the step by step process of how to Create 4 Quadrant Circle. This video is part of our PowerPoint Diagram Tutorial Series. This is a very useful diagram to showcase any consulting diagram or 4 part relationship.

#9: Tutorial for Filled Spheres Infographic

You can use this infographic diagram to showcase percentage fill or percentage completion of a project, target achievement etc. 

#8: Create Curvy Animated PowerPoint Roadmap

Learn to create a curvy PowerPoint road map diagram with 6 milestones. This provides a creative variation to presenting the next steps. You can animate the components of the diagram if required. 

#7 PowerPoint 3D Steps Tutorial (SmartArt)

Learn to create stunning 3d steps for business presentations in Smartart with this step by step video tutorial. This PowerPoint Tutorial is part of our Smartart tutorial series

#6: PowerPoint Tutorial for 3D Curved Roadmap

Learn to create a curving S shaped 3D Roadmap in PowerPoint. You can use this Curvy PowerPoint Roadmap template to show milestones, road ahead, the path we have traveled, and other related concepts.

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#5: Clock Needle Animation Effect (Recent video!)

This is a recent video on how to Create Clock Needle Animation Effect in PowerPoint 2013. This useful animation effect can be used to show a list, agenda items, steps in a process and more. 

#4: How to Remove Picture Background in PowerPoint ( No Photoshop required)

Learn how to quickly and easily remove even complex Picture backgrounds in PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010. This tutorial goes beyond the regular tool in PowerPoint and shows how to make the edges smoother.

#3: How to Create Videoscribe Effect in PowerPoint

Learn to create an interesting Videoscribe effect with PowerPoint Animation within a few seconds. The effect you will learn is to have a base image and to animate it so that it looks like someone is completing a drawing on the slide. 

If you like using PowerPoint Animations in your presentations, you can find over 100+ tutorials just for animations. This includes the relevant PowerPoint file. Know more about Ramgopal's PowerPoint Mastery Program here.

#2: Handwriting Text Effect in PowerPoint

Learn how to create a realistic looking effect of a hand writing text in PowerPoint. It looks like the effects created by whiteboard animation software like Videoscribe. 

Find the trick to sync the text animation with the hand movement to make the writing effect look realistic. 

#1: PowerPoint Tutorial to create Stunning Zoom Animation

This is the top most viewed video on YouTube on our Channel with over a 1000+ LIKES . Enjoy!

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Hope you found this list of tutorials useful!

Do let us know your favorite PowerPoint tutorial video in the comment box below... 

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