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Here are the top 10 YouTube and Videojug videos related to presentation delivery skills that you can use in your training program.

A presentation skills training program can be so much more fun, informative and useful with suitable videos with quick inputs from other experts. If you are like us, you have spent hours looking through the videos online.  There are a lot of them out there, but most aren’t what you’d like to share a classroom.

Expert Videos like these have so many advantages in a training environment:

  1. They are great help in covering basic points in a different format rather than a trainer just listing them out.
  2. They provide a way to change the methodology and keep your audience engaged.
  3. It’s like having someone who is a well-known expert in the field, support your points
  4. Most of these videos are quite short (from 2 to 5 minutes). So they don’t take over overshadow the presenter
  5. They cover one small point in a clear and practical way. So they can complement you as a trainer on what you want to get across to your audience.
  6. These view points are from experts with very different backgrounds and fields of work, so they round off your training program nicely.

We have selected this list of videos very carefully for training purposes:

  • All the videos have voice clarity and good quality video
  • They carry very discreet ads so your training room doesn’t get taken over by advertisements to buy their books or attend their training programs!
  • These videos are suitable for public speaking as well as presentation skills programs as they are focused on the topic of ’how to deliver better’.
  • We have covered a range of topics from opening to closing the presentation.
  • There is a short overview of what is being covered in each video, so you know if it is suitable for you or not.

If you’d like to embed these videos in your PowerPoint slides for training, you can learn how to embed Flash or YouTube videos in your presentation here.

Here are the 10 videos you can use in your presentation skills training program:

  1. Carmine Gallo on How to use Body language
  2. Sheri Jeavons on Using Eye Contact effectively
  3. Sheri Jeavons on Vocal variety and intonation
  4. Hans Rosling (Energy and Passion can liven up the dullest presentations)
  5. Deborah Grayson Riegel on Ways to Open a Presentation
  6. Carl Kwan on 3 Steps to Introduce yourself
  7. Nancy Duarte on engaging through storytelling
  8. Douglas J Jefferys provides overall speaking tips
  9. Andrew Bryant on how to answer questions
  10. Dr. Bill Lampton on 6 ways to control stage fright
  11. How to End a Presentation by Coach Alex Lyon

The code you can use to embed each presentation is also provided against each video. Almost all videos are from Youtube. The last one by Simon Bucknall is from Videojug.

1. Topic: How to Use Body Language

Speaker: Carmine Gallo in BNET

Length: 2:57

Overview: This is by far the most clear and simple video on body language. Carmine provides 3 simple techniques to work a room.

  1. Maintain Eye contact
  2. Open Body Posture
  3. Use Hand Gestures

The examples of professional business speakers like Larry Ellison used in this video add to the credibility. Carmine himself appears confident and extremely polished in the video.

You can use these 3 parameters yourself when evaluating your audience body language.


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2. Topic: Using eye contact effectively

Speaker: Sheri Jeavons from Power Presentations

Length: 5:00

Overview: This video shows how eye contact can help you as a speaker to:

1. Gather your thoughts
2. Think clearly
3. Remember what to say

This video also has an example of a speaker who does this wrongly and then a recording with the fault corrected.  This is great for showcasing good eye contact in the classroom without picking on any of the participants specifically.


3. Topic: Vocal Energy, Voice Variety and Intonation

Speaker: Sheri Jeavons from Power Presentations

Length: 5:39 seconds

Overview: This is another useful and practical video from Sheri Jevons with before and after examples from a participant implementing better voice variety and intonation.  This is a great example how vocal energy can add excitement and enthusiasm to the presentation. If you don’t want to provide public feedback to your participants, you can use this video as a showcase.


4) How Energy And Passion And Liven Up The Dullest Presentation

Speaker: Hans Rosling at TED

Length: 20:36

This topic of importance of energy in presentations seems incomplete without this video of Hans Rosling speaking at TED. He presents data with such enthusiasm that audience get carried along in this excitement. This video can be used to show presenters how even the dullest topic can be enlivened with passion and enthusiasm.

It is also a really popular video online with over 2 Million views. You may choose to show only part of the video as a 20 minute video is too long to highlight this one point.


5. Topic: How to open a presentation

Speaker: Deborah Grayson Riegel

Length: 2:42

The topic of this video is to Stop Beginning Your Speeches with Good Morning and Thank You and Start with This Instead...
Make your message compelling with this short tips video from Deborah who shares 10 speech opening ideas.

You can follow this video with a practice session of opening presentations strongly.


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6. Topic: How To Introduce Yourself

Speaker: Carl Kwan from Presentation Expressions

Length: 5:36

In this video, Carl Kwan covers a 3 step process to introduce yourself to make a good impression. This video is still quite popular and useful.

This video can be followed by an exercise in your classroom for participants on creating a strong self-introduction. 


7. Topic: Engaging through Story telling

Speaker: Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design

Length: 4:14

Nancy Duarte shares her tips for telling a great story. She talks about how a report format is one extreme and a story format is another end of a continuum in presenting. A good presentation needs to strike a balance between just providing information like a report and great drama in a story. She provides a framework for storytelling and how it can be incorporated into a presentation structure.

This video provides a great start if you plan to introduce story telling as a presentation format in your training.


8. Topic: Overall speaking Tips when delivering presentations

Speaker: J Douglas Jefferys from Public Speaking Skills

Length: 3:09

Douglas quickly covers a number of points like Power of Pause, power of looking at audience when speaking and how to keep audience engaged when speaking by speaking to one person at a time and using passion in speaking.

This material can be used as a quick overview or summary of what you have already covered in your training . This is also a very popular video online with over a 100,000 views.


9. Topic: How to answer questions

Speaker: Andrew Bryant from Self Leadership International

Length: 3:56

Andrew provides very simple and sound advice on how to prepare to answer 3 types of questions

  1. Those that are expected to be top of mind of the audience
  2. Those that are likely to come up in the course of the presentation
  3. Those that are unexpected

You can get your audience to recall the 3 points after showing the video so that you can be sure they have understood it. You can check for implementation of this advice when they present. You can read about how to evaluate the video recording of your participants in a presentation skills training program here.


10. Topic: 6 ways to control stage fright or nervousness

Speaker: Dr. Bill Lampton of Commlampton

Length: 4:39

Bill speaks slowly and clearly in a friendly way and explains 6 different ways to control stage fright. He supports each point with examples.  The main points are about focusing on your audience and message and not yourself. The points he covers are:

  1. Preparation
  2. Put in perspective
  3. Think about symptoms
  4. Audiences are friendly
  5. Forget about creating great impression
  6. Focus on the trump card.

This is a great backup video, if someone in your audience raises a query on managing nervousness.


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11. Topic: Finishing a presentation

Speaker: How to End a Presentation by Coach Alex Lyon 

Length: 2:43

Alex Lyon covers the 4 steps to a strong conclusion to help you wrap up a presentation. This is a useful video to supplement your training session on closing with just a few quick tips.


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Note: Please check the licenses against the videos you would like to use, before inserting them into your training material!

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