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Unique PowerPoint Diagrams:

4 Sides Unique Diagram


Unique PowerPoint diagram templates include creative models that are commonly found in many presentations. The unique diagrams included are: Octopus diagram that helps you analyze multiple outcomes from one central issue, propeller diagrams with 3, 4, 5 and 6 blades to help you capture connected factors that work in tandem to cause an overall impact, volcano diagram – that helps you capture the various repercussions of a dormant issue, Issue spider or Spider diagram– that helps you analyze all the connected ideas to a central theme, Y chart – that shows three aspects of an issue, butterfly diagram that shows two sides of connected issues with varying significance and other unique diagrams that help you convey the concept of collaboration.

Octopus Diagrams showing outcomes | Issue Spider

Octopus Diagram
Issue Spider

Butterfly Diagram| | Volcano Diagram

Butterfly Diagram|
Volcano Diagram

3 and 4 Blade Metal Propeller Diagram

Creative Propeller Diagram
4 Blade Propeller Diagram

Unique Propeller Diagrams with 5 and 6 Blades

Unique PowerPoint Diagrams
6 Blade Propeller Diagram

Y Chart in PowerPoint | Diagram showing team collaboration

Y chart in PowerPoint
Unique PowerPoint Diagrams collaboration


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