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Discover a simple way to draw V Shaped diagram. Get inspired to create a number of variations based on the examples showcased in the article.

The simple V Shaped Diagram you’ll create is:

V Diagram ModelOnce you learn this basic model you can create your own interesting variations based on your specific requirements.

Where to use V diagrams?

V model diagrams are used in Product development or Systems development. It gives a summary of the main steps to be taken along with the deliverable at each stage. The diagram helps to minimize project risks, guarantee quality, improve communication and reduce the overall cost of the project.

Let us learn the steps involved in creating the diagram:

Components involved in the diagram:

There are four components involved in creating the V diagram. They are as follows:

Elements of V Diagram in PowerPoint Step 1: Drawing A and B

Draw a vertical bar.

Go to Right click -> Size and Position -> Rotate option. Choose the angle as -30° (Minus 30°). Let’s call this A.

Make a copy of A and go to Format -> Rotate -> Flip vertical.

You will get B. Select A and B and go to Format -> Align-> Align Top.

Step 2: Connecting A and B

Draw a horizontal bar connecting A and B. Let’s call it C.

Ensure that the corners of A and B are aligned with the lower corners of C as shown in the diagram.

Step 3: Creating the text boxes

Create the necessary text boxes and place them along A and B. Ensure that you use ‘distribute vertically’ option in Align Menu to give the diagram a balanced look.

Base V Diagram in TutorialIf you click in the text boxes, go to Format > Shape Styles and set Moderate Accent 1 Style preset formats, you will get the bevels and shadows inbuilt in PowerPoint. Your diagram is now ready!

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Segmented V- Model created using PowerPoint 2010:

PowerPoint 2010 allows you the opportunity to cut and combine shapes. We used the function to create the following diagram. Colors on each side of the model are coordinated to indicate corresponding relationship.

V Template from PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams CEO Pack

Source: V Diagrams in PowerPoint from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

You can vary the color of the arms to indicate different aspects of the diagram. For example, blue color indicates the aspect of ‘Project definition’, Green indicates ‘Project Test and Integration’ and Gold colored box indicates ‘Implementation time’.

Showing continuity in the elements:

Vee Diagram CreativeIn the above diagram, we shaded the V shape with a uniform metallic gradient to indicate continuity in the project phases. Glossy red buttons are used to indicate different deliverable along the project life cycle.

You can also showcase continuity and inter-related factors like this:

Pyramid Diagram

Source: Pyramid Diagrams from CEO Pack

Indicating two separate phases with arrows:

Take a look at the following representation:

Unique V Diagram from CEO PackThe downward arrow on the left indicates decomposition of requirements and creation of system specifications. The upward arrow represents integration of parts and their verification.

Showing the connection between the phases:

In the following diagram we show the connection between the items on the left and the ones on the right.

PowerPoint CEO Pack V model

Source: More Diagrams in PowerPoint from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack


Even in a simple V – diagram you can create so many variations to represent different aspects of the diagram.

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