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Venn diagram in PowerPoint need not be the same old boring overlapping circles. Discover the variations that bring out more from this useful diagram.

Usefulness of PowerPoint Venn diagram:

Venn diagram is a useful tool to represent overlapping relationships. Take a look at this famous example by Jim Collins in his book – Good to Great.

Venn Diagram in PowerPoint

The idea couldn’t have been represented any better.

We feel, you can take these 3 Overlapping Circle Diagrams to a whole new level by using different shapes to represent overlapping relationships instead of the same old circles. Let us explore some variations that spice up the diagram and make it more useful.

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Using variations in shape for visual relief:

In the following diagram, we used hexagons instead of the usual circles. See the difference it makes:

Hexagon Venn Diagram

The solid base of the shape makes the diagram look more stable than the typical circles.

Varying the shapes can go far beyond than just adding aesthetic appeal to your diagrams. It can help you make your point more accurately. For example, take a look at the following cases:

Using two arrows to represent agreement in a discussion:

Arrows PowerPoint Venn

In the above diagram, the portion common to the two arrows represents the area of agreement between two parties. As you can see, two arrows represent a discussion much better than two circles.

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Using three triangles to represent the extent of overlap:

In the following diagram, we used three equilateral triangles instead of three circles.

Triangle diagram

Source: PowerPoint CEO Pack

Notice that there is just one common area of overlap unlike 4 areas of overlap in a typical Venn diagram made of circles. So, varying the shapes helps you represent the relationship far more accurately than the usual way.

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Making the diagram, look more attractive using 3D perspective:

Take a look at the following 3D Diagram

3 Circles Diagram PowerPoint

The diagram is visually more appealing than the run of the mill representation. You can see more examples of stunning Venn diagram in PowerPoint here.

One BIG tip while creating a Venn diagram:

Use SmartArt tool to create Venn diagram and break it apart. This is much better than creating the diagram from the scratch using auto shape tools.

SmartArt makes it easy for you to position the circles in the right place. So, you avoid the hassle of aligning the shapes manually. This is especially useful when you create Venn diagrams with more segments. For example, the following diagram took us no more than 10 seconds to create using SmartArt:

Circle PowerPoint with Smartart

It could have taken us longer to do it manually.

Of course, we broke down the diagram by pressing CTRL +A, CTRL+X, deleting the bounding line and pressing CTRL+V. This helps us to keep the direction of our text intact (SmartArt has this weird habit of inverting the text when we invert the shapes).

Conclusion about Venn Diagram in PowerPoint:

Creating good diagrams involves a lot of experimentation. But, if you are bold and creative, you usually end up getting the results for your effort. So, never settle for the ordinary.

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