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Learn to create a useful segmented diagram in PowerPoint and explain your concepts with impact. Watch and learn from our simple video tutorial teaching you to work with PowerPoint shapes.

The Venn diagram you’ll learn to create is:

Venn Diagram PowerPoint Tutorial Usefulness of the diagram representing relationships:

Venn diagrams show the relationships between and among groups of objects that share something in common. Such diagrams play a critical part in most business presentations. While it is easy to create them in any version of PowerPoint,it is not easy to create the segmented version unless you use PowerPoint 2010.

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The tools we’ll use to create the diagram are Shape Combine, Shape Intersect, Shape Subtract and Shape Union. These commands are hidden from the default view of PowerPoint 2010. So, we’ll first learn to bring them to our Quick Access Toolbar, from where we can access them easily.

If you already know how to do this, or have already created the quick access toolbar, please proceed to the next part.

Watch this video tutorial to create your customized quick access toolbar >>

Now that the necessary tools are readily available for access, we can proceed with the actual creation of the diagram.

You would find that we’ve included a number of useful commands in our quick access toolbar. They help us save an enormous amount of time while creating our presentations.

Watch the following video tutorial to create the diagram


These diagrams can be depicted creatively as well…

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Take a look at some of the readymade diagrams we created for your benefit:

The same Venn diagram can be created with a Chevron and 3D effect on the arrow in this creative way.

PowerPoint Template of Venn Diagram

The following diagram uses an unconventional shape to catch your audience attention. It shows you the extent to which you can be creative once you grasp the basic idea of creating segmented shapes:

Venn Diagram Creative PowerPoint Template

Source: PowerPoint Templates for Venn : CEO Pack 1

If you had gone through our tutorials for PowerPoint 2007 you would have learnt how to play with lighting, material, angle and colors to create effects like the one you see below:

venn Diagram PowerPoint Tutorial and Template

You can make stunning diagrams out of seemingly ordinary shapes like the following once you are familiar with creating 3D effects and shadows:

PowerPoint Tutorial Venn Diagram Template

Source: PowerPoint Venn from CEO Pack 1


The diagrams you see above are a result of countless hours of practice and commitment. You too can create diagrams like these when you put in the effort.

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