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Learn to create an interesting Videoscribe effect in PowerPoint within a few seconds. The effect you will learn is to have a base image and to animate it so that it looks like someone is completing a drawing on the slide.
This kind of animation can be done with any wmf or emf file and can be used to explain business concepts like planning and execution or explanation of a step by step process.

This video is part of our Practical PowerPoint Animation Series.

Here is an screenshot of some of the image with which you will learn to create the effect:

Videoscribe effect in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Features used in this video

Check markUngrouping and animating clipartCheck markWipe Animation effect
Check markWorking with animation panelCheck markChanging Start & Duration presets of animations

PowerPoint Versions in which you can follow this tutorial:

Tick markPowerPoint 2013
Tick markPowerPoint 2010
Tick markPowerPoint 2007

Click play to view the tutorial:

P.S. Microsoft removed the office clipart search option in 2015. It is pretty sad that the Office Clipart collection is gone. We did discuss this issue in our newsletter too. You can find the write up for additional resources here though specific file formats are not covered : Click here.

Here are some practical suggestions from our readers on how to find images and follow this tutorial:

Suggestion #1 Finding More Clipart
I’ve found several in When you select an image, scroll down and you will see that you can save the file in a variety of formats including wmf.
Download as wmf, insert into your powerpoint and follow instructions as per above video. This doesn’t work for all images but you should find plenty that do. An example is this. Have fun!

Naz Bacchus

Suggestion #2 Creating Your Own Clipart

For the sake of practice if you cannot find any WMF/ EMF files you can make your own. Just use the insert shape and try to draw anything that makes sense and then group your drawings and save the picture in EMF or WMF format. Follow the video instructions from there by ungrouping and then activating animation.
Toufic Mourtada


The animated templates shown in this video are from: 750+ Advanced Animation Templates for PowerPoint

If you liked this tutorial and would like to learn more, please browse through this site. You will find over 350 PowerPoint tutorials and creative ideas for presentations. Thanks you for watching the video and happy presenting!

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