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Here is an example of how a boring text based slide can be made more interesting and clear by organizing information in a visual way.

The slide we will convert into a visual presentation is:

Issues with the above text-based format:

  • Presenting a schedule as text makes the information difficult to understand and remember for the audience
  • While using a contrasting color to highlight key words is a good idea, it doesn’t seem to work in the above example because it is used to highlight micro details

Let us convert the slide into a more visual type of presentation.

Steps to Makeover the Slide

Step 1: Isolate the core words

The core words that need to be represented on the slide are highlighted above. The rest can go into the speaker notes.

Step 2: Plan the aspects to be visualized
The three aspects to be visualized are:

  • The schedule for the three types of audits
  • Importance of the month of October
  • Lack of audits in 4 months

Step 3: Visualize using an animated diagram
Let us convey the concept using a simple diagram in PowerPoint and represent the relationship better using custom animation. I’ve retained the title. It gives a quick snapshot of what the slide is all about. Here is how I present the idea:

Here is the transcript of the presentation after it is visual:

There are 3 types of audits that happen during the year.
First is BOP Audit. It is a quarterly audit from our Regional Office. It happens during these months
The second type of audit is HOC audit that happens every four months from our London office. Here is the schedule of the audits.
The third type is our routine bi-monthly internal audit called CMO audit. Here is the schedule.
As you can see, October has all 3 audits happening simultaneously. So, it is a very important month for us.
The blank columns in the months of March, May, September and November show that we have no audits planned during those months.
I’ll send you a copy of this schedule so you can plan your work accordingly.
End of slide.

So, how did you find this visual slide as compared to the messy slide you saw earlier? Better, isn’t it? A simple visual representation made the slide so much easier to understand. See the difference in the look and fee for yourself.


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