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Ideas for making presentations more visual are everywhere around us. Discover the uses of a simple clock face diagram in communicating your business concepts.

Where to use Clock face diagram in a visual presentation?

The visual of a clock helps us communicate the concept of time much better than words. For example, a “delay of 5 minutes” may not mean much until it is shown visually like this:

Visual Presentation Delay

Since we were always taught to ‘understand time’ by reading a clock dial, every time we hear ‘time’ – we automatically visualize a clock face. This basic fact can help you make more visual and creative business slides in your next presentation. 

Here are some interesting ways you can use clock dial in your slides…

Use the diagram as a visual reinforcement for time duration:

Whenever you indicate time in your slides, reinforce the idea with a clock visual as follows:

Clock Visual Presentation Idea

The visual stays in the mind for longer than your verbal instructions.


Use the diagram to visualize session schedule

If you want to conduct a meeting or training session, a clock face comes in handy to ‘show’ how the day is divided. For example, take a look at this creative session plan for a training program:

Creative Visual Agenda with clock 

Apart from communicating session timings, the diagram shows relative session lengths.

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Indicate year plan using clock face

The twelve divisions on a clock can also represent 12 months in a year. For example, take a look at this modified clock dial:

Months in year Visual Clock 

This creative use of clock face helps you communicate your project’s progress. Take a look at the following diagram template for example:

Project Progress Shown with Clock 

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Such a versatile clock diagram is amazingly easy to create. Here are the…

Steps to create Clock Face diagram:

tutorial to create a visual clock face diagram

Step 1: Draw a straight line while holding ‘Shift’ tab.

Step 2: Make 3 more copies of the line and place them one on top of the other. Right click on a line -> go to Size and Position – > Make the rotation angle as 30°. Rotate the second line to 60° and the third line to 90°. You will get a diagram as shown in Step 2

Step 3: Using the ‘oval’ tool in auto shapes menu draw a circle while holding ‘Shift’ tab. Remove the outline and fill shape color as ‘white’. Place the circle on top of the diagram you drew in step 2. Your clock face is ready.

You can add a shiny rim around the divisions to make the diagram look more beautiful:

Adding a Glossy Circle to Clock

You can learn to make the shiny rim by following this tutorial related to pie chart.

The colored portion:

The colored portion on the dial can be created using ‘Pie’ tool in auto shapes menu.

Pie Tool in Shapes Menu

You can adjust the shape of the segment by moving the yellow handles of the auto shape. Fill the shape with a dark color, remove outline and reduce transparency levels. Place the shape right on top of the clock face.

Completed Visual Clock Face 

Your diagram is now ready for use.

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Visual Presentation ideas for business presenters:

To have ready access to a list of visual diagram templates is always helpful for a business presenter. But, creating those diagram templates takes a lot of time and effort. 

Take our look at our Visual Presentations eBook which teaches the process to create visual and creative presentations step-by-step. Here is one example from this eBook on how you can make over a text-filled slide into an interesting and visual presentation…

Visual Slides with eBook

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