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From Text Based Slides to Powerful Diagrams in 3 easy steps.

Most business presentations don’t make it beyond the first 2 minutes.

It is not that the audiences are inattentive and busy. They just don’t engage with complex and boring slides anymore.

So, how can you hold your audience attention? How can you create presentations that move your audience into action?

The solution is to make Presentations Visual.

It is proven that your audience understands better and retains your message longer when information is presented as visuals.

In this practical eBook, Visual Presentations, we show you how to penetrate even the toughest minds with clear and effective diagrams. This is not a ‘tips and tricks’ book but a book that teaches you a system to convey your ideas powerfully using visuals – the right way.

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Where can you use Visual Presentations?

If you make a presentation, it deserves to be visual. You can use them…

  • To explain a complex strategy to top management
  • To persuade your clients to give you more business
  • To train your team on a new product
  • To get investors to buy your dream
  • To make any presentation where you want your message to be understood and remembered.
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The eBook provides a practical and simple system…

The book teaches a system that you can use. The system involved 3 simple steps in translating bullet point slides into visual diagrams:

  1. Identify the objects and their relationships in the text-based slides
  2. Capture the relationship between the objects
  3. Visualize the objects

When you work through some of the examples provided, you’ll see how easy it is to run through these 3 steps. Here is an example from the book on making over a business concept.

The original text-filled slide looks like this:

visual Presentation diagram example 1

The final slide after following the 3 steps looks like this:

visual Presentation diagram example 4
You can see the difference that the simple 3-step process makes to the impact with which you deliver you presentation! Download Visual presentations ebook now…

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Presentations Visual:

Which of these 2 slides hold your attention?

Minimal Approach Slide Image
I am sure you selected the slide on the right. That answers why you need to use visual diagrams.

Reason 1: Visual presentations hold your audience attention far better than any other method.

Let’s see another case…

Which of the two slides shown below helps you understand the core message quickly and easily?

Visual Slides Hold Attention Image
The slide on the right again! That gives you another reason why you should use visual diagrams.

Reason 2: Visual diagrams help audience understand your core message quickly and easily.

Let’s see another case. Which of the following two slides visualize the message of the slide better?

Visual Presentation Has Clarity Image
The slide on the left is nothing more than a picture to fill the space. The slide on the right uses a diagram to bring life to the message.

Reason 3: Good visual diagrams take your presentations to a whole new level and influence your business audience into making decisions in your favor.

As you can see, visual diagrams are a powerful tool to create business presentations that get results.

Make your slides easy to understand and engaging for your audience. Download Visual presentations ebook now…

About the Author


The author M.S.Ramgopal owns and operates Presentation Process.He has trained 100s of middle and senior managers from companies like Barclays, HSBC, Times Internet Ltd, and Tata-AIG through his presentation skills workshops.

His entry was a category winner of Slideshare Presentation Contest in 2010 and he is a Platinum Level author on EzineArticles.

Each of the principles taught in the book is backed by numerous scientific studies in the field of neuroscience and communication. The proprietary 3-step process you’ll learn in this book is the same content we teach our participants in our exclusive workshops.

The book is filled with examples and exercises to make you understand every bit of the process in clear detail.

eBook Table of Contents

About Visual Presentations2
License information4
1. Introduction9
2. Why use a diagram?13
3. Science behind the power of visuals17
4. Ineffective way of using visuals19
5. Creating diagrams22
6 The basic principle behind creating Visual diagrams25
7. Exercises: Identifying Objects and Relationships in a sentence28
8. The 3 step process to create visual diagrams from bullet points31
9. Convey a business concept as visual diagram37
10. Unique Selling Proposition as a diagram45
11. Strategic management concept as a visual diagram50
12. Anatomy of a visual diagram54
13.Quiz on the 7 critical relationship questions:60
14. Representing sales pitch as a business diagram63
15. Good diagrams can cut down your text68
16. Moving to the creative side of visual representation72
17. Making remarkable presentations using comparison77
18.Examples for depicting a relationship using comparisons80
19. Practice exercises for representing relationships84
20. Essential tips for data presentation88
21. Don’t visualize the wrong thing92
22. Fastest way to create remarkable Diagrams96
Author’s Note104


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Format: Adobe PDF
File Size:8 MB
Print Length:105 pages
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