TOP 9 Visual Slide Mistakes to Avoid

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This slideshow captures the common mistakes presenters make when trying to make more visual slides.

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Presentation Transcript

A good slide reinforces the talk of the presenter. It supports them with visuals.

Here are 9 Top mistakes presenters make when creating ‘visual’ slides.

1. Using pictures that say exactly what the words do.
Issue: They add no value.

Solution: Use insightful pictures that add value or use graphs instead.

2. Using clichéd Clipart
Issue: They bring down the value and credibility of your content

Solution: Use professional photos, diagrams or icons.

3. Using photos not connected to the presentation
Issue: They just distract your audience.

Solution: Simple dots and arrows can convey far more meaning than unrelated images!

4. Using images of people without reason.
Issue: Audience attention gets hijacked by the images

Solution: Use relevant silhouettes or icons where appropriate

5. Cluttering!
Issue: Audience struggles to process too much information in one go.

Solution: Simplicity adds power to your message! Use visual “chunking” to the group and simplify.

6. Using pictures for decoration.
Issue: Your slides may be remembered, but the message won’t be.

Solution: Visuals are not an after-thought! They need to convey insights.

7. Don’t use facts when you want to convey emotions!
Solution: Use a relevant photo to connect with the emotions of your audience.

8. Using default templates
Issue: It says, “You don’t care enough to customize or go beyond”.

Solution: If you have something interesting and different to say, let your slides reflect that!

9. Too much variety in look and feel of slides
Issue: Audience grows tired reorienting themselves for each slide.

Solution: Use a consistent look & feel so your audience is focused on the message.

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Editable PowerPoint Tree Concept from CEO Pack

Source: Tree Concept from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

PowerPoint Cubes from CEO Pack

Source : PowerPoint Cubes from CEO Pack

Timeline represented as FilmstripSource: Creative Timeline from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

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