What is a powerpoint pen presentation?

by Bekki Black
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PowerPoint Pen Highlighter Screenshot

PowerPoint Pen Highlighter Screenshot

I don’t quite understand what this means. Can someone elaborate please?

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May 18, 2011Presentation Pen is a Highlighterby: Presentation Process Expert

When a presenter delivers his or her presentation they may want to highlight a specific portion of their slide. Doing this by going over to the projector every time can be cumbersome.So Presentation Softwares like PowerPoint come inbuilt with a “digital” pen or highlighter.

This digital pen can be used to highlight a specific data point or location on your slide as you stand in front of your audience.

There are 2 ways in which this presenter pen can be used:

1. Use it from within PowerPoint itself.
When the presentation is on slideshow, you can right-click and select the pen or highlighter option. Then whatever you draw on screen with your mouse is visible to the audience.

I have included the screenshot with your question itself to show the presenter pen in action.

As you can see, the highlight can be saved as well so that when you forward the presentation to your audience or reuse it another time, the highlight will remain visible.

2. Get an external pen attachment.

If you want to be really professional, and not stand next to your PC or laptop all the time, you may want to get a USB pen.

Presenter Mouse also come equipped with laser light which help fulfill exactly the same function.

Hope this helps

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