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Learn to create layered wheel consulting diagram in PowerPoint using Doughnut chart tool in Microsoft Excel. Follow our simple step by step instruction to draw the diagram.

The Wheel Diagram Template you’ll learn is:

 Wheel Diagram Template

The usual way to create wheel diagrams in PowerPoint is to use Block arc tool in auto shapes.

Block Arc Tool Menu

But the method is not only time consuming but also messy. In this article, you’ll learn a simple way to create the layered diagram using doughnut chart tool in Excel.

We have talked about this in creating Spoke diagram using SmartArt As well…

Step 1: Creating the base diagram

Open an Excel worksheet and enter the following values:

Excel Sheet Values

We want two layers for our wheel diagram. The inner wheel has 4 segments and the outer wheel has 12 segments.

The columns of values you enter in the worksheet go from inner to outer. Since we want 4 segments for the inner wheel, we divide the total number of angles in a circle i.e 360° by 4. We get 90°. We enter the values 4 times in the column. The same way we enter 30° values 12 times in the second column.

Now select the cells A1 to B12. Go to Insert -> Chart -> Other charts -> Doughnut.

Insert Doughnut Chart
Basic Wheel Chart

You get the following basic wheel chart in the worksheet:

Click on the legend and delete so that you only have the wheels left.

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Step 2: Formatting the diagram

The next step is to reduce the size of doughnut hole. Select the inner wheel. Right click and go to Format Data Series. Under ‘Series options’ go to ‘Doughnut hole size’ tab. Move the slider and make the hole size as small as possible:

Edit Doughnut Hole Spacing

The result will be this colorful wheel diagram template:

Basic Wheel Diagram

Select the chart and go to Format tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Select relevant ‘Shape styles’ tool to format your diagram as follows:

Formatting the Wheel Diagram

The last step is to copy the chart and paste it on your PowerPoint slide. When you write relevant text for the segments, the diagrams gets finished as follows:

Final Wheel Diagram Template

So, sometimes it helps to go beyond Microsoft PowerPoint to create your business diagrams.

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Watch video tutorial to create 2-level Wheel diagram:

Variations of layered diagram in PowerPoint:

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Source: PowerPoint Models from CEO Pack 2

Layered Wheel Diagram Template

The following diagram template has two sets of wheels connected by a cylinder:

Source: Pillar Diagrams from CEO Pack 1

Layered Pillar Diagram
Layered Factors from CEO Pack 1

It is not always easy to create professional looking business diagrams from the scratch. If you are a busy business presenter who doesn’t have the time to create your business graphics from the scratch, we have an elegant solution for you.

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