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Learn the power of wipe effect in PowerPoint animation. See examples that showcase this useful animation effect. Learn to create shiny text effect with wipe animation by watching this video tutorial.

The effect you’ll learn to create with wipe animation effects is:

Before we learn to create the effect, let us see some uses of wipe animation in your business presentations.

Uses of wipe animation:

The most common use of wipe animation is in charts. You can use such animation effects to show the movement of trend. Chart animation can be done in other innovative ways as well.

Instead, we let us some other creative ways to use wipe animations.

Creative Template: Movement towards a goal

Take a look at the following template from the diagram pack.The curved 3D arrow appears to move around the barriers to reach the goal. Wipe animation effects always appear interesting on a curved line than on a straight line.

Source: Goals Templates PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

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Animated Template: Indicating flow in sales presentation

Another way to use wipe animation effects is to indicate flow of movement. Take a look at the following template from the pack:

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Innovative Template: Sales pipeline flowing to a database

The movement of leads through a pipeline couldn’t have been shown any better. The wipe effect combined with the GIF animation make the slide appear like a video.

The wipe animation is quite useful to represent filling and emptying of a tank. The following template tells a compelling story about the wrong sales habit of not prospecting for new customers constantly. All the filling and emptying effects are achieved through the use of wipe animation.

Source: Sales Concepts from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

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Now that we saw the various uses of wipe transition, it is time to…

Click to watch the following video tutorial on creating a shiny text effect with wipe animation :



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