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Learn to draw glossy Yin Yang concept diagram in PowerPoint in a matter of seconds. This article has been updated with step by step video tutorial. The symbol can be used for many different concepts.

For example, it can be used to depict seemingly opposing forces that are interdependent. It can also be used to portray pros and cons of an idea or two sides or two sides of an issue.

The beautiful symbol you will learn to create in PowerPoint is:

Yin Yang in PowerPoint
The symbol usually has a dot in each of the halves. A simple circle of the same color as the background placed on the circles can achieve this. So, we leave it to you to create your own variations.

The main objective of this tutorial is to show you how to create these stunning and professional shapes in PowerPoint.
This tutorial uses Merge Shapes options that is available from PowerPpint 2010 upwards. You can follow this tutorial in PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 etc.

Uses of the Yin Yang symbol:

Before we show you how to draw the shape, we want to show some alternative ways to represent pros and cons. The following diagrams are part of our 750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams pack. The pack has over 750 unique PowerPoint diagram templates you can ‘copy and paste’ to create professional presentations instantly.

2 Sides PowerPoint Diagram Template

Source: Wheel Diagrams from CEO Pack 1

The diagram above is a much simplified version of Yin Yang symbol. We retained the glossy circular shape, but made the two halves fairly straight forward. There is space in the middle to mention your core idea.

Take a look at the variation here:

Process Diagram Template from Pack

Source: PowerPoint cycle diagrams from CEO pack 1

This has just the two reinforcing arrows. These arrows can be made with SmartArt. The light effects and the shadows give a professional look to your slides instantly.

The following diagram uses unique shapes to represent a two-sided argument:

Source: Pros and Cons templates from CEO Pack 1

The angle of text and the shapes make the slide attractive. You can change the color of the rectangular 3D shapes by using ‘Shape Fill’ option.

If you want to convey pros and cons in a strategic presentation, here is an option:

Pros and Cons Template from Pack
Simple silhouettes can add a new perspective to PowerPoint Diagrams

The size of the silhouettes in the following diagram makes the text box look large and hence add importance to the points:

For Against PowerPoint Diagram Pack Template

Source: Pros and Cons templates from CEO Pack 1

As you just saw, there are many ways to represent your ideas using simple diagrams. With that knowledge, let us see…

How to create Yin Yang symbol using PowerPoint in a step by step way:


In a business presentation, ‘how you say it’ is as important as ‘what you say’. Using professional diagrams adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your communication. Since your slides stand for the brand promise and quality of your offering, it is worth the while to learn how to create high quality PowerPoint diagrams.

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