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Learn to make a useful 3D rectangular platform in PPT 2007. Learn the complete 3D PowerPoint tutorial in a simple step by step way.

The beautiful 3D platform you’ll learn today is:

3D PowerPoint Mac Type Platform You can use this platform for just about anything and wow your audience. Look at the PowerPoint diagram templates we created using the method you are about to learn:

3D PowerPoint Platform Showcase from Diagrams Pack

Source: Bridge Diagrams & Lists from 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Such is the power of the 3D platform as a design element. Watch the video to make the PowerPoint 3D Mac style Rectangle.

Click to Play Video below:

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Here is a review of how to make the 3D Rectangle Shape below:

Step 1: Creating the basic 3D orientation for the rectangle

Draw a regular rectangle. Then right click on it to go to Format shape.

PowerPoint 3d Shape Tutorial 1 In Format shape option, go to 3D Rotation. Choose Presets and select Perspective relaxed as shown in the slide above.

Step 2: The Bevel effect

Then, go to 3D format, choose bevel for the ‘Top’ surface. Choose Cross Bevel.

PowerPoint 3d Shape Tutorial 2

Step 3: Choosing the color for the Depth

In 3D Format option, choose the Color for the depth as White, Background 1 and Darker 25%. Make the depth as 25 Pt.

PowerPoint 3d Shape Tutorial 3

Step 4: Choosing the Material and Lighting

Choose the Material as Dark Edge. Choose the Lighting as Soft.

PowerPoint 3d Shape Tutorial 5 If you’ve followed the instructions correctly, your platform should look like this:

PowerPoint Shape 3D Rectange


If you are interested in making your slides look professional, it is useful to know how to make this platform.

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