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Create beautiful 7S diagram using PowerPoint SmartArt tool. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram in minutes.

The 7S model you will learn from this tutorial is:

Isn’t the diagram interesting?

You can create this 3 dimensional model using SmartArt in no time.

But, before that…

A quick word about McKinsey 7S:

McKinsey 7S framework is a famous management model. The model is used to assess changes in the internal situation of an organization.

The model is based on the philosophy that a successful organization has 7 elements like: Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills and Strategy aligned around shared values and the elements mutually reinforce each other.

The model is used in strategy or management related presentations. Let us learn to create the model in a step by step way…

Step 1: Create the Base Structure

Go to Insert -> SmartArt -> Cycle -> Basic Radial.

This will form the basis of our model.

In the text pane enter the 7 elements along with the text ‘Shared values’ in the centre:

 If you apply one of the default design options from the ‘Design’ tab, you will get the following result:

2. Give the diagram a 3D perspective

Select all the circles one by one while holding the ‘Shift’ tab. Right click and go to Format shape. Select the top and bottom bevels as ‘Circle’ as shown below:

Enter the width and height values as 48Pt for both Top and Bottom bevels.

This will convert the circles into spheres and the result will be as follows:

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3. Draw the connectors

While the 7S Model diagram above looks good, it is not complete. The model suggests that all the elements reinforce each other. So, we need to connect the spheres with one another. Let us see how to draw the connectors in a smart way:

First draw a Hexagon by selecting the Hexagon tool from Autoshapes:

Right click on the shape. Go to ‘Size and Position’ option and enter the Rotation angle as 90⁰.

From the auto shapes menu draw a Triangle, while holding the Shift button. Make a copy of the triangle. Go to Arrange-> Rotate -> Flip Vertical. Arrange the hexagon and the two triangles in such a way that they form a 6 cornered star with outline as follows:

Group the shapes and paste them on top of the 3D model you created in Step 2. Use ‘Send to Back’ option to push the lines to the background.

When you add reflection to the model and add relevant text, you get a 7S Model that looks like this:

You can use these formatting options on other types of Smartart objects as well.

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