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Learn 4 exciting new ways to use spin custom animations for PowerPoint and liven up your business presentations.

Before we show you the creative uses of ‘spin’ custom animation, we want to solve one of the biggest and the most irritating issues with spin animation.

The needle spins around itself, because the pivot is in the centre. This animation in itself isn’t very useful. How do we solve this issue and make a useful animation?

Solving the problem with PowerPoint Animation Effects:

To resolve this issue, we duplicated the arrow, and changed the fill and outline color to None. Then we reversed the direction of the new arrow and grouped it with the old one. The dotted line in the image below shows the hidden arrow shape:

This ‘False pivot’ helped generate the improved slide animation below:

The simple trick of resetting the pivot has freed us from the limitation of using spin custom animations for PowerPoint.

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Now, take a look at some of the creative ways to use spin custom animation:

1. Spin animation used to represent timeline

You can use spin animation to represent timeline.

All you need to do is to choose the right units to represent timeline and appropriate rotation angle for the needle.

2. Spin animation to represent interdependent processes

Sometimes a subtle animation of spinning gears can make the point of interdependent processes. See the following example:

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3. Spin animation to spruce up your bulleted list

Spin animation can be a useful alternative to boring bulleted lists. Take a look at the following example:

Here is another example showing how related text can be presented:

Here is an example of presenting a linear process using spin animation:


The power and usefulness of a custom animation feature rests in the hands of the presenter. Any animation can add strength and interest to your message if done the right way.

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