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Discover the hidden possibilities with SmartArt. Here we teach you how to draw 3D cyclic arrows using SmartArt object. Learn from the step-by-step video tutorial.

The 3D Cyclic Arrows PowerPoint Diagram you will learn is:

It looks as if it has no relation to Smart Art. But, you’ll learn how to create this elegant diagram using a SmartArt object called ‘Segmented Cycle’.
Since you have the option to create any number of sectors in a Segmented Cycle SmartArt object, by pressing ‘Enter’ in the text pane, you can create a diagram with any number of cyclic arrows using the method you’re about to learn. That’s what makes this tutorial so useful.

Before you learn the tutorial, I wish to convince you of the utility of 3D cyclic arrows in general. Here are some of the cyclic arrow diagrams from our 750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams PowerPoint diagrams pack for CEOs.

1. 4 Reinforcing factors PowerPoint Diagram

You can use cyclic arrows diagram to explain reinforcing factors in a process or alignment around a clients needs. The tutorials for creating Glossy Ball is available here.

Source: PowerPoint Circle Diagrams | CEO Pack

2. The Missing Piece or Critical Factor PowerPoint Diagram

You can use the diagram to highlight the missing piece in a link or to highlight one critical factor out of many in a process.

3. 2 sides of the issue diagram

2 Cyclic arrows can depict two interrelated sides of the issue.

Source: Cycle Diagrams from PowerPoint CEO Pack

4. 4 interconnected processes diagram

You can use cyclic diagrams to portray loops or interconnections in a process.

5. Steps in a process diagram

Source: PowerPoint Circle Diagrams from CEO Pack

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Here are the steps to create the diagram:

  • Go to Insert > SmartArt Option in the menu
  • Insert the Segmented Cycle chart
  • Select all objects in the chart by using Ctrl + A
  • Cut the selected objects using Ctrl + X
  • Delete the bounding box. This ensures that the object is no longer a SmartArt chart
  • Paste back the chart
  • Delete all the parts of the chart except the 3 circular Arrows
  • Group the Arrows using Ctrl + G
  • Increase the width of the arrows by pulling in the yellow diamond handles
  • Select the object, Format it > 3D Rotation Option and set it as Relaxed Perspective
  • Go to 3D Format Option, set Depth to 30
  • Change the Fill Color to suit your requirement
  • Your cyclic 3D Arrows are ready!

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Even though we publish a wide variety of remarkable tutorials in this segment, you need a lot of practice to get the design right. Keep trying different alternative arrows in PowerPoint till you are happy with the result.

Here is a sample of the same diagram from the CEO pack

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