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Tired of the usual Balanced Scorecard options? Discover some truly creative ways to show the concept in your business presentations.

About Balanced Scorecard template:

Balanced scorecard is usually used to measure the objectives of a company against four key parameters like – Financial Success, Internal business, Learning & growth and Customer. All 4 parameters are always aligned around company’s vision and strategy.

Usually, balanced scorecard diagram is created using ‘Matrix’ layout in SmartArt tool.

Matrix Layout in SmartArt

Naturally, the diagram looks pretty dull and boring.

In this article, we will explore some useful alternatives that can be used to depict the concept. You can choose the option based on the level of details you want to include in the diagram. All the diagrams you see in the article are created using the basic tools in PowerPoint. The templates are all part of our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates pack for CEOs’.

1.    The Zoom in, Zoom out version:

A basic scorecard template can look like this:

Detailed Balanced Scorecard from CEO Pack

This slide serves as a good starting point for a discussion on the key elements involved in a balanced scorecard. You can follow this with slides that elaborate on each of the four factors as follows:

Detailed Balanced Scorecard Tabs from CEO Pack

Source: Scorecard Templates from CEO Pack

Once done, you can bring the first slide back to summarize your points. This ‘Zoom- in, Zoom-out technique’ is useful for most of the four quadrant concepts – like SWOT analysis, PEST analysis etc.

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2.    The key points version

Sometimes, scorecard is just one of the many slides you have in your deck. In such cases, you just want to capture the key points under each of the quadrants and move on. The following template would help you do that elegantly:

Scorecard Creative from CEO Pack

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3.    With Visual reinforcement

Sometimes, it helps to use a small visual reinforcement for each of the quadrants. This helps to convey the context of your presentation to your audience – fast. Take a look at the alternative you can use for the purpose:

Visual Balanced Card CEO Pack

Of course, you can use ‘company specific’ pictures to add a much stronger context.

You may even choose to have the photos of department heads responsible for each of the quadrants. If you want to just use their (or your own) quotes, you can use a simple template like this:

Scorecard Quotes Templates from CEO Pack

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4.    Conceptual scorecard:

Sometimes you may want to put your emphasis on the vision of your company than on the four quadrants. In such cases, a diagram with emotional overtone like this will help:

Conceptual Balanced Card with vision

Options for business presenters:

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All the diagrams shown above are from the CEO pack:

Balanced Scorecard from CEO Pack

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