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An award winning presentation by us on audience expectations…

Confessions Of A Horrified Audience

This presentation won the award under the category Presentation Horror Story Content on Slideshare in 2010.

Note how a simple line drawing made in PowerPoint adds impact to the message on slides.

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Overview of the presentation

The presentation is structured as a wishlist from the audience to the presenter.

Audience get horrified when a presenter does not stick to some basic rules of presenting.

This presentation won the best presentation award and has gained popularity because of the unusual way in which the information is represented.

Confessions of a horrified audience – Presentation Transcript

  • How to avoid horror stories in presentations
  • Hi! I am your audience
  • I chose to attend your presentation despite all my pending work…
  • I hope you have spent enough time to prepare your presentation
  • Do not make me wait till there is enough crowd…
  • Start and finish your presentation on time
  • I like surprise climax only in detective novels…
  • In your presentation, I expect an agenda and the session duration
  • I am not a kid to sit and listen to your lecture…
  • Involve me
  • We are equally intelligent and responsible…
  • So, do not talk down … or beg
  • I am not a psychic to read your mind…
  • Tell me what I should do and why
  • I know you are not a walking encyclopedia…
  • So, when you don’t know something… don’t hide behind jargon $””&** is nothing but ##%%
  • You may be a whiz with Excel …
  • But, tell me what should I be looking at in your graphs
  • I do not get excited by statistics…
  • … till you tell me your source and the reasoning
  • I do not always carry my telescope…
  • So, make the fonts large enough for me to read
  • Your voice may sound irresistible when you talk in a husky whisper… Pss pss pss
  • But, I can not hear you clearly from the last row
  • I can completely understand your excitement in the subject…
  • But, stop making those distracting gestures
  • I know you love your slides…
  • But, when you talk to your slides and not me, I feel offended
  • I have not installed a recording machine inside my head yet…
  • So, summarize periodically
  • You may feel comfortable pushing all my questions towards the end… ?????
  • But, I cannot follow your logic when I am stuck Clarify my doubts instantly
  • I appreciate your big bang ending…
  • But, what are the next steps?
  • Finally, when I clap at the end…
  • I should leave with the satisfaction of getting enough value for my time
  • Will you fulfill my wishes?
  • End of Presentation about audience expectations.

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