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Create Box and Whisker Charts directly in PowerPoint. Find useful templates that save you time. You don’t have to struggle with copying charts from excel to your PowerPoint slides anymore.

What are Box and Whisker Plots?

Box plots are usually used to represent spread of data, in a visual way. A typical chart looks like this:

Box Whisker Plots Example

The use of boxes in a box plot is fairly uniform and they represent a summary of 5 simple numbers:

Explanation of Box and Whisker Chart

With reference to the above image:

  1. The bottom end of the whisker is the smallest observation in the data
  2. The bottom end of the box is 25th Percentile
  3. The line immediately above the 25th percentile is the Median
  4. The top end of the box is 75th Percentile
  5. The top end of the whisker is the largest observation in the data

When you compare boxes of different data sets you can see the level of spread. Whiskers help you identify the level of skews in the data. Since the graph presents a compact view, you can compare different sets of data fairly easily.

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Whisker charts are difficult to create:

Since Box and whisker charts are not native charts in Excel either, it takes a lot of effort to create these charts. It is quite unwieldy to create the charts in excel and stick them on to PowerPoint each time. Fortunately, there is a simple way to overcome the issue.

Box plot templates directly in PowerPoint:

We are happy to present our ‘Visual PowerPoint Graphs pack’.

These are the screenshots of two Box plot templates from the pack. One of the charts has vertical orientation and the other has horizontal orientation to suit your specific needs:

Box Plots from Graphs Pack
Box Whisker Horizontal Template

Source: Box Plots and Candle Charts from Graphs Pack

Editing the template is super easy:

When you Right click on the graph and go to ‘Edit data’, a worksheet opens up.

Editing Template Box Whisker in PowerPoint

Enter your data in the yellow cells of the worksheet. The chart updates instantly. Since the charts are preformatted, your slide looks professional.

Creating data driven charts has never been easier.

If you are a business presenter our PowerPoint Graphs pack is a useful tool to have. The pack has more than 320 data driven charts and graphs created directly in PowerPoint. You can find a chart to suit your specific need easily because the charts are clearly classified.

Please browse through our Data driven graphs pack for PowerPoint and see how the pack can change the way you create your presentations forever.

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