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Use Bullet graphs in your dashboard to visually represent your performance against set parameters. Discover different variations of this useful graph.

A quick word about Bullet charts:

A Bullet graph is a type of bar graph developed by Stephen Few. It helps to compare performance values (like sales revenues, profits etc.) against a qualitative range (like Poor, OK and Good).

Since a bullet graph conveys a lot of information in the small screen space it occupies, it is an ideal chart to include in dashboards.

Why make a template for bullet graphs in PowerPoint?

There are 3 main reasons why it makes sense to create data-driven chart template for bullet graph in PowerPoint. They are:

  1. It takes a lot of skill and time to create bullet graphs in excel. Having a ready made template in PowerPoint, where you can replace sample data with your own data, saves valuable time in creating your business presentations.
  2. To create a bullet chart first in excel and then to stick it on a PowerPoint slide is messy. You can’t edit the underlying data and expect the chart to update itself. So, you waste time recreating the chart each time you want to update data.
  3. Usually, a lot of precious time is wasted in polishing the look and feel of bullet charts in a data presentation. Having preformatted bullet graphs in PowerPoint ensures a professional look and feel for your data slides, without having to spend time ‘beautifying’ the chart.

Here are some useful Bullet chart templates in PowerPoint you can pick and stick on your data slides. These are part of our ‘Visual PowerPoint Graphs pack’.

Vertical bullet graph template showing qualitative range in percentages:

Vertical Bullet Chart Templat Source: Data-Driven Bullet Graphs from Visual PowerPoint Graphs pack

This is the basic bullet graph. You can edit the qualitative range to suit your need. You can edit the target percentage. The performance value shown by the black column updates automatically- when you change the relevant value in the embedded worksheet.

Designer bullet graph template:

Designer Bullet Char This is the designer variation of bullet graph.

Every aspect of the template can be easily altered to suit you requirements.

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Horizontal orientation of the bullet:

Horizontal Bullet Grap This is the horizontal orientation of the graph. The variation is useful when you want to include a lot of text as part of your slides.

Multiple bullet graphs:

You can have multiple bullet graphs in a single slide. Here is a template that helps you do it easily:

Inference About using Graph Templates:

A Bullet chart combines design excellence with aesthetic appeal. The only reason why you may hesitate using the chart type is due to the time and effort it takes to create the chart. With the availability of readymade chart templates in PowerPoint you have every reason to include the graph in your next dashboard report.

All the chart templates you saw in this article are from our Visual PowerPoint graphs pack. The pack has more than 320 business relevant, data-driven chart templates created directly in PowerPoint. You just need to replace sample data with your own data and press Enter. The charts update themselves. Creating professional looking data slides has never been easier.

Please browse through our collection now and see how the pack can change the way you create data presentations forever. You can also take a look at our demo to see the sheer magic of the templates that make your data sing.

See the DEMO here >>

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