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Create a slider diagram in PowerPoint and discover amazing uses of this simple diagram in your business presentations.

What makes sliding buttons in PowerPoint useful?

It is common to see presenters parade a lot of ‘numbers’ in their business presentations, totally forgetting to communicate the context of those numbers. This naturally leaves the audience perplexed and bored.

Such a diagram helps you convey the context of a number in relation to its benchmark. For example, take a look at this diagram:

Sliding Button in PowerPoint

The slider diagram not only tells you that the customer satisfaction score is nearing 4, but also gives you the context of the score in relation to its maximum value. Now, the audience understands where you stand and what more is left to be achieved.

If you want to tell a story of how you improved the score from the previous year, you can show the ‘before and after positions’ as follows:

Sliding Button for Comparison

You can even add ‘motion path’ custom animation to the button and slide it from old to new position, to get full value from the diagram.

Sliding buttons as part of your dashboard:

You can take your slider diagrams to the next level, by using them as part of your dashboard. For example, take a look at this balanced score card dashboard:

Balanced Scorecard Template with Buttons

The diagram template gives you a clear picture of your company’s performance in four critical strategic drivers in one view. Of course, you can show the movement of the scores from previous quarter by sliding the buttons using custom animation as discussed earlier.

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How to create the slider diagram?

It is surprisingly easy to create slider buttons in PowerPoint. Follow these simple instructions:

1.    Draw a rounded rectangle base

Using auto shapes menu draw a rounded rectangle. Move the handles to get maximum curvature on the sides of the rectangle.

rounded rectangle

Right click on the shape and go to Format shape option. Press the 3D format tab and go to Bevel options. Select the option for ‘Top’ bevel and select ‘Slope’ as shown here:

3D Bevel for Button

Increase the ‘Width’ of the bevel to 11 pt. Keep the height as 6pt as shown here:

Bevel Settings

Your rounded rectangle should now look like this:

Beveled Rounded Rectangle

The base of the slider is ready. The next step is to…

2.    Create the button

Draw another rounded rectangle with fully curved sides as shown in the previous step. Fill the shape with the color of your choice.

Rounded Slider

Right click on the button shape, go to ‘Shape effects’ -> Preset -> Preset 2 as shown below:

Attractive Slider Diagram

This will make the button look attractive.

You can change the color of the slider buttons in PowerPoint and the button to suit your needs. Here are some options for you:

Slider Button Options

Smarter Diagram Option for Business Presenters:

It is always handy to have such useful diagram templates available for ready use. But, most business presenters don’t have the time to create these diagrams from the scratch. If you are one of them, we have a solution for you.

We have created a ‘diagram templates pack’ for the use of CEOs and busy business presenters like you. The collection is called ‘PowerPoint 2 CEO Packs Bundle’. The pack has more than 1500 high quality diagrams that are fully editable. Take a look at some of the samples from the pack:

Colorful Test Tubes  | PowerPoint Cylinders

Powerpoint Thermometer Infographic
PowerPoint Fill level Infographic

  Speedometer Charts |  PowerPoint Thermometers

Performance Dashboard Infographic
PowerPoint Infographic Charts

See more such diagrams from editable charts collection here >>

The diagrams are super easy to use. You just need to copy our diagrams to your slides and replace sample text. Your professional presentation gets ready in minutes. The collection has every diagram imaginable for business presentations.

Why waste your time creating diagrams from the scratch, when you have such a useful solution available off the shelf? Please browse through our collection and see how the diagrams pack can change the way you create presentations forever.

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