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Find a simple 5 step process to draw creative 3D circle diagram in PowerPoint. Discover the amazing power of 3D tools in PowerPoint 2007.

Here is the circle diagram we will learn today:

Circle in PowerPoint

There are tons of uses for this diagram. You can use it to represent Pros and Cons of an issue, two sides of an argument or two contrasting views.

Let us learn to draw this stunning circle in simple steps.

Step 1: Drawing the circle

Go to Auto shapes option and select ‘Block Arc’ tool.

Block Arc PowerPoint Tutorial

Hold the shift button while drawing the shape. You will get a perfect semi circular block like this:

Simple Block Arc Diagram

Fill the color of your choice and remove the outline. Now copy the shape and place it right on top of the original shape. Go to Arrange -> Rotate – > Flip Vertical. You should get a circle with two equal halves like this:

Block Arc Circle

Choose a color to fill the bottom half of the circle. Group the two halves.

Step 2: Adding 3D perspective to the circle

Right click on the group and go to Format shape – > 3D rotation – > Presets -> choose ‘Perspective relaxed’ as shown below:

3d rotation option in PowerPoint

This should give a 3D perspective to our circle as seen here:

relaxed perspective circle

Step 3: Adding a bevel to enhance the look

Now, it is time to take the look and feel of our circle to a whole new level. We will give it a bevel top by right clicking on the circle -> Format shape -> 3D format -> Top -> Cross bevel.

Adding bevel in PowerPoint

That should make the circle in PowerPoint look like this:

3d Circle with Bevel in PowerPoint

Step 4: Adding depth to the shape

The next step is to add depth to our circle. Right click on the circle -> Format -> 3D format -> Depth -> Enter a value of 25 as shown here:

Setting Depth for Shape

This is how the circle looks when you follow the step:

Simple Creative circle in PowerPoint

The circle diagram looks remarkable already. But, our final step will make it shine and glow even further.

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Step 5: Make the PowerPoint circle shine and glow

First add sheen on the surface by adjusting the surface property. Right click on the circle -> Format shape -> 3D format -> Surface -> Material -> Special effect -> Dark edge as shown below:

Material Setting for PowerPoint Shape

Add a PowerPoint shadow to give it a base. Choose the shadow option in the same menu and choose Presets -> Outer -> Offset Diagonal Bottom Right. Enter the following values for size and blur. This gives the 3D circle in PowerPoint a more realistic feel:

Formatting PowerPoint Shape Shadow

There we go. Our final product is ready. If you had followed all the steps, your awesome circle should look like this:

Circle in PowerPoint Tutorial

Variations to circle diagram in PowerPoint:

There are some useful variations to this diagram. Take a look at some of the options below to serve as an inspiration:

PowerPoint Circle from Charts Diagrams CEO Pack

Source: PowerPoint Circle Set from Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

and PowerPoint Circle Diagrams in CEO Pack

PowerPoint Wheel Diagrams from CEO Pack

Source: PowerPoint Wheel Diagrams from CEO Pack

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