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Discover new and interesting ways to use arrows in circular shape for your business presentations. See the concepts you can communicate using this simple diagram.

You can create two types of arrows using auto shapes in PowerPoint. The first one is…

1. Circular Arrow using ‘Arc tool’ in PowerPoint auto shapes:

To create this arrow, select the arc tool, and draw an arc while holding the ‘Shift’ button. Move the yellow handles in the arc to the extent you need, and add an arrow tip to one of the ends.

Circular Arrow Diagram Menu

That’s it. Your curved arrow is ready. You can use this method to represent some unbelievable concepts as follows:

Spiral diagram:

By joining circular arrows along a line you can create a spiral diagram:

Spiral Chart with Arrows

As you are aware, a spiral diagram or spiral model is used to represent ‘Software development process’. The diagram comes in handy to represent ‘design’ and ‘prototyping’ in stages.

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‘Top – down’ and ‘bottom-up’ concepts:

With a slight tweak, you can communicate some deeper concepts using the arc tool variant. Here is a simple way to communicate top-down and bottom-up concepts:

Spiraling Circular Arrow

Interlocking arrows:

You can represent interrelated processes using circular arrows. Here is an example:

Interlocking Arrows in PowerPoint

Multiple interactions:

With just a little ingenuity you can use the diagram to represent relationships. Here is a diagram that represents multiple interactions:

Multiple Interaction Circular Arrows

2. Using ‘Circular’ arrow tool in auto shapes:

The second way you can create the diagram is by using the block arrows tool in auto shapes:

Circular Arrow Toolbar

The advantage of having a block arrow to represent circular flow is – you can apply some interesting 3D effects to the shape. Here are some variants you can create by applying basic 3D presets:

3D Effects with arrows circular

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The application for 3D curved arrows is here:

Using block arrow to represent Timeline:

A simple block arrow transforms into a stunning diagram template by using 3D rotation and bevel effects. You can use the shape as a base to represent various milestones in a timeline diagram. Glossy balls are used as markers along the timeline. You can learn how to create a glossy ball by from this tutorial.

Timeline with 3d Curved Arrow from CEO Pack

Source: PowerPoint Timelines from CEO Pack

Represent Stages in a process:

You can use a curved arrow to represent different stages in a process as shown here:

Curved Arrow 3D CEO Pack

Here is an interesting variant of the idea:

3D Circular Flow arrows from PowerPOint CEO

Source: PowerPoint Circle Diagrams from CEO Pack

As you can see, a curved arrow is an extremely useful tool to communicate your ideas and concepts in a business presentation.

More options for business presenters:

It takes a lot of time, effort, creativity and PowerPoint skills to come up with different variants of a shape. Most business presenters do not have the time to create these variations from the scratch.

That is why we created our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates pack for CEOs’. The pack has more than 750 high quality diagrams that are fully editable to suit your need. Take a look at some of the samples from the pack:

PowerPoint Arrows:

Powerpoint Curved Arrows

PowerPoint 3D Arrows:

PowerPoint 3d Arrows

Now, you can copy the diagrams from our templates pack to your slides and replace sample text to create professional presentation in minutes. Please browse through our collection of chart templates and see how you can create your business presentations in an efficient and effective way forever.

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