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Here are seven useful PowerPoint concepts freshly picked from a garden or your business presentations. Get inspired to come up with your own variations.

Picking concepts in PowerPoint from unusual places:

Visualizing concepts or a business presentation is not always easy. However, i you keep your eyes and ears open, you can ind interesting ideas or visualization everywhere around you. In this article, we will take a look at seven interesting business concepts taken from a garden. Here are the diagram templates that capture the concepts:

Nurturing an idea

Nurturing a plant from its inception is a very useful metaphor or a number of business concepts. The visual can be used to represent ideas like – nurturing an idea, developing a business, encouraging an individual etc. See how the various elements of the concept are captured by various design elements o the diagram template:

Nurture Metaphor from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Source: Nurture Metaphor from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Using the growth of a plant as an editable chart

You can use the visual of plant growth to represent various milestones in the growth of a company. Take a look at the following diagram template that captures the idea:

Plant showing growth This is a much more interesting timeline than the usual timelines you see as part of SmartArt graphics. You can also use custom animation to make each lea appear on the click of your mouse to represent a milestone.

Factors that hinder growth

It is not necessary that you use the visual of a plant only to represent growth; you can combine the visual with other design elements to represent a wider range of ideas too. Take a look at the following diagram template or example:

Factors that hinder growth  template powerpoint

Source: PowerPoint Metaphor from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Using ‘Growth’ as a visual  metaphor

Take a look at the following concepts in PowerPoint:

Growth as a visual  metaphor  The progress from a sapling to a tree can be used as a visual history to represent the progress of a project or a business plan. You can add custom animation to make the elements one ater another to set the context or your slide.

Representing ‘change of fortunes’

You can use the visuals of a tree that is dried up and a tree that is rich in foliage to represent change in ortunes o a company or product. Take a look at the following diagram template that shows the idea:

Change over time diagram template

Explaining ‘Cause & effect’ using the visual of a tree

Take a look at the following diagram template:
Cause and Effect Tree Diagram
You can explain the concept of ‘Cause and Effect’ using this simple visual. You can list the various Factors that have contributed to the outcomes in a project. Visuals like these have a way o connecting with the audience much better than cold ‘boxes and arrows’ type of diagrams.

All the templates you have seen in this article is from the PowerPoint Graphics & Concepts CEO Pack 2. The volume has more than 815 charts, diagrams and graphics to help you visualize every business idea imaginable.

All the diagram templates in the packs are fully editable. Just choose the template that matches your concept, replace the sample text with your own text and your business slides get ready in no time. Creating professional business presentations has never been easier! See the Pack here >>

Using an abstract visual of tree

It is not necessary that the tree visual you use resembles the actual tree. You can use an abstract visual of tree to represent various stages of growth. Here is an example diagram template that shows the idea:

Growth Concept PowerPoint Diagram template

Source: PowerPoint Metaphors from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

So, there are so many ideas you can get from a simple walk in the garden. Imagine what more can you achieve by keeping your eyes ‘open’ or ideas at all points of time.


It is not always possible to come up with interesting concepts in PowerPoint when you are under the pressure of a deadline. That is why it helps to have ready access to a bank of visualization ideas you can draw from to make your business message effective and memorable.

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