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Find five creative PowerPoint graphics to show the concept of contributing factors. Get inspired to come up with your own variations for business presentations.

Creative graphics for common business concepts:

It is not easy to visualize business concepts in a simple and effective way. It is even more challenging to come up with representations that are visually interesting as well. In this article, you will find some interesting ways to visualize the idea of ‘contributing factors’. See how each variant conveys slightly different context depending on the way the design elements are positioned.

1. Basic representation of the concept

Here is a simple way to represent the concept of ‘contributing factors’. The graphic shows three factors that lead to a certain result. The factors are represented by simple text boxes:

Creative Graphics Concept While the graphic serves the purpose, it doesn’t convey any deeper meanings than what is obvious. Let us see some variations that go beyond the obvious.

2. Factors pooling into a common cause

Take a look at the following diagram template:

3d Diagram Graphics for Contributing Factors The direction of the 3D arrows conveys the concept of ‘pooling in’. Different colors of the arrows convey ‘different sources’ from which the factors originate.

3. Positive and Negative contributing factors

The following diagram template conveys the idea of ‘positive and negative factors’ contributing to a central cause. Positive factors are represented by green arrows and Negative factors are represented by red arrows:
Positive and Negative Contributing Factors Graphic from CEO Pack 2

Source: Cause Effect Models from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

4. Multistage contribution

The following diagram shows multistage contribution. In the first stage three factors contribute to the central cause and in the second stage the central cause contributes to the end result.

Multistage contribution Graphic in PowerPoint Here is a variation of the above diagram:

Creative Arrows Graphic from CEO Pack 2 When you add custom animation in PowerPoint to such graphics, you will be able to explain each stage in detail.

5. Conceptual graphic

It is possible to convey some interesting concepts by using the design elements creatively. For example, see how the following graphic conveys the idea of various factors contributing to a bubble. The bubble could be ‘bloating stock price of a company’ or ‘unreasonable increase of real estate prices in a particular area’ etc.

Conceptual Graphic showing Contributing Factors Thus, you can have so many variations for a concept as simple as ‘contributing factors’. It just requires a bit of imagination and creativity to capture the subtler messages.

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