5 Creative Representations for Overcoming Obstacles

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Discover five creative ways to represent the concept of Overcoming obstacles. Get inspired to come up with your own variations in PowerPoint for your business presentations.

Creative representations for common concepts:

Idea visualization for business presentations is an interesting challenge. When you represent your ideas creatively, you not only capture the imagination of your audience but also make your message memorable. In this article, you will find five different ways to represent a simple concept like Overcoming obstacles.

1. Going around the obstacles

A simple way to overcome obstacle is to go around it. See how we represented the concept in PowerPoint:

Creative representations ObsctaclesWe represented ‘obstacles’ as stones. We drew the stones using 3D tools in PowerPoint. The path around the obstacles was drawn by altering auto shapes.

2. Passing through the obstacles

Another way to get through obstacles is by passing through them. See how we represented the idea in this following diagram template:

Creative  Passing through the obstacles We drew the arrow using ‘shape subtract’ option in PowerPoint 2010. Applying 3D perspective to the diagram allowed us to place a silhouette on top of the arrow.

3. Jump over the obstacles

If you can’t pass through the obstacle, you can jump over it. We used 3D text to represent obstacle. See the representation here:

Jumping over obstacles creative visualization

Source: Overcoming Obstacles templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

The interesting thing about this diagram template is – you can replace the word ‘obstacle’ with any other word of your choice. Just click on the text and replace text. The formatting is retained as it is.

4. Build a bridge over obstacles

We represented ‘obstacle’ as a gorge that needs to be crossed. We used 3D arrow to represent the bridge over the gorge. Take a look at the visualization here:

Bridge creative PowerPoint templateThe grey arrows represent ‘others’ who stopped on seeing the obstacle. Red arrow goes beyond the limitations.

5. Hop over obstacle

Sometimes we rely on momentum to get us through the obstacles. In the following diagram template we captured the idea as ‘hopping over the problem’ using momentum. See one of the creative representations here:

Creative representation problem resolutionThus there are many different ways to convey the same concept. Each variation captures a different aspect of the concept.

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