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Find a simple way to draw a stunning curved PowerPoint Arrow. Follow our step by step instruction to draw this useful shape.

The stylish arrow you will learn to create today is:

Curved PowerPoint Arrow

There are multiple uses for such arrows. Take a look at this beautiful diagram template we created using the shape:

arrows diagram

Here are the step wise instructions to create the shape:

Step 1:

Draw two overlapping circles (one slightly below the other) like you see below. Color them differently for easy identification. Remove the outline of the two circles:

circle shape

Step 2:

While holding the ‘Shift’ button, select the blue circle first and then the red one. Press ‘Shape Subtract’ option. You should get the following crescent shape:

Curve of arrow

Alternatively, you can create the crescent shape using the ‘Moon’ option from the auto shape menu.

Step 3:

Now, you need to cut the shape to create the base for the arrow. For that, draw a rectangle overlapping the crescent as shown below:

base of arrow shape

Step 4:

While holding the ‘Shift’ button, select the crescent shape first and then the rectangle. Press ‘Shape subtract’ option. You should get the following result:

part of arrow

Now, you got your base for the arrow. The last step is to attach an ‘arrow head’.

Step 5:

Draw a triangle, which will serve as the head of the arrow. Go to Right click -> Size and Position ->use the ‘Rotate’ option to align the base of the triangle along the flat edge of the crescent shape as follows:

rotate arrow

When you select both the shapes and press ‘Shape Union’ option you get the final curved arrow. Once you get the basic shape, you can create your own variations.

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It helps to learn some of these simple techniques to create a wide array of diagrams to express your ideas more accurately.

It has taken years of practice for us to create a huge collection of diagram templates to suit the needs of a business presenter. Take a look at some of the variations of curved PowerPoint arrows we created using the method you learnt in the article:

Curved Arrow Timeline Diagram

curved arrow timeline image

2 Interrelated PowerPoint Process are represented here

curved arrow powerpoint process

4 Interrelated Factors with Curved Arrows

curved powerpoint arrows diagram

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