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Cycle or Circular diagrams need not be boring. Discover creative and interesting ways to represent circular process in your business presentations.

Quick way to draw a Cycle Diagram:

A simple way to create a circular diagram is to go to SmartArt tool, choose any Graphic under Cycle. Refine the design using‘Design’ tab, add relevant text and you will end up with a Cycle like this:

SmartArt Cycle While the diagram looks good, the issue is – the layout is so overused, that it doesn’t capture the imagination of your audience any more.

What is the way out?

Answer: Create diagrams of your own.

Yes. You can create some remarkable diagrams using basic auto shapes tool. This ensures that your diagrams are fresh. Take a look at the following example:

Creative Cycle Diagram Related: Shortcut to PowerPoint Circle Diagram

There are other significant advantages in creating diagrams of your own. Here is the list:

1. You get the space to insert images

Most in-built cycle diagrams do not allow you enough space to add relevant images. Take a look at the options available for the diagram in PowerPoint 2010:

in-built cycle diagrams When you draw your own diagrams using simple ‘Arc tool’ in auto shapes, you can convey some remarkable stories. Here is proof:

Product Transformation The diagram uses an analogy and ensures that the focus of the audience is on the images and text instead of on the graphic.

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2. You can separate the components of a diagram

While you can delete elements from a in-built diagram, it is not easy to separate elements from a in SmartArt Cycle. If you try separating, you end up with a messy result like this:

Problem with Seperating Smartart So, if you want to talk about a missing piece in a cyclical process, you cannot do so easily using the Smart Art tool.

On the other hand, if your diagram is made with auto shapes tool like this:

Cycle Diagram with Autoshapes tool You can separate elements and represent a concept:

Concept showig Missing Piece

Source: Cycle diagrams | PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

If you are a business presenter, you want as much freedom and flexibility to express your ideas visually. Why get bound by the limitations of SmartArt?

(Though you can break apart a SmartArt diagram, the result is not as impressive when you draw a diagram of your own)

3. You can create diagrams where the underlying diagram is not a circle

Interestingly, not all cycle diagrams are circular in nature. Take a look at this well-known diagram on Product Life Cycle.

 diagram on Product Life Cycle.

Source: Product Life Cycle Diagrams from PowerPoint CEO pack

SmartArt tool can never help you create unique diagrams like this.


When it comes to creating ‘usual’ diagrams like ‘Cyclical process’, it helps to get away from the shackles imposed by SmartArt tool and use basic auto shapes tool. This site provides you a lot of tutorials to help you create remarkable diagrams in PowerPoint.

More options for business presenters:

If you are a business presenter, we realize that you may not have the time to create these diagrams on your own. That is why we came up with our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams Templates pack for CEOs’.

The diagrams are created by experienced business professionals who have spent years in Corporate and Business houses at middle and senior level positions. Every diagram in the pack reflects deep business knowledge and keen sense of creative design.

We understand your needs well. That is why we made sure that all the diagrams in the pack are fully editable. Take a look at some of the samples from the pack:

Cyclical Process | PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

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Beautiful PowerPoint Wheel Diagram

Beautiful PowerPoint Wheel Diagram If you are a business presenter and haven’t got around to seeing our diagrams collection yet, you are truly missing something. Browse through our PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack templates now and see how you can improve your efficiency in creating professional business presentations.

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