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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the systems requirements for the CEO Pack?

You will need:

  • PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 on Windows
  • PowerPoint 2011 or 2016 on Mac

These diagrams are in .PPTX format. This format is compatible with Office for Mac, Open Office, keynote and many other 3rd party applications that work with the standard PowerPoint format. They are now available in both Standard 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 Formats.

Are these PowerPoint diagrams editable?

Yes, they are fully editable. So you can change colors, edit shapes, copy elements from one slide and paste them on another slide. You can customize the charts and diagrams using basic PowerPoint features. See features section to see 10 things you can do with this pack.

Are these diagrams on my computer or online? How does it work?

Once you purchase the pack, you can download it to your desktop. It is available to you whether you are offline or online.

The download link is immediately available to you on purchase. You will also be emailed the link to download the charts and diagrams pack. If you still face an issue, please contact us.

How can I find a specific chart or diagram?

1. Search in your files: Each file in the pack is labelled with keywords. So use the regular search function to locate the diagram you need.

Use the Thumbnail View to find the diagram you need easily.

2. Search in the pdf file: The CEO Pack comes with a PDF file which carries thumbnail images and keywords of all the charts and diagrams. Browse through the images to find what you need.

To open PDF File: Use any browser like Firefox or Chrome or Free Adobe PDF Readerto view this file.

License Terms

The regular license is a personal one meant for use by a single user. You can create presentations, share your files, share PDFs, create handouts, take screenshots, convert it to flash or video etc. all of which is reasonably expected use. You can create presentations with the templates for your clients.You don’t need multi-user license for regular use mentioned above.Under any sort of license, you cannot share the original files with others in part of full OR sell any presentations created commercially online. Both these basically “compete” with our business.

In short, when you buy CEO Pack 2, you buy a personal license.

Under the regular License, you MAY use the pack contents royalty-free:

• In your own personal, non-profit projects for creation of presentations/brochures/training material
• In your own presentations or broadcasts intended for personal, or non-profit use.
• In your own print, broadcast or video use for any in-house publication or transmission but not broadcast or distributed to the general public.
• Uses accepted include business presentations / training material / e-learning material created by one person ( the license holder) and delivered by one persons within same organization.

Under this License you MAY NOT:
• Distribute or sell copies of the backgrounds or templates of Presentation-Process content singularly or as a group or any part thereof.
• Provide download or save access for any Presentation-Process content from your private or public project.
• Incorporate the Presentation-Process content within a library, portfolio, build, an image or design collection, archive, sharing-site, group-site, gallery, electronic greeting, postcard site, clipart site, or any other type of project that would encourage visitors to download or save images.

Basically, you can use it in any personal/ corporate presentation/ e-learning as long as you don’t redistribute our content.

If there is a large team of people in your organization who will need to use the templates, we’ll be getting back to you about the corporate license.

Refund Process

To get a refund is very simple.

Just write back to us using any contact form in the site within 30 days of purchase. You would need to quote either the Transaction ID or write to me from the email ID from which the purchase was made so that the transaction can be tracked.
Once the refund is initiated, it will take 24– 48 hours maximum for the refund to be processed and you to get a confirmation message directly from the payment processor ( Paypal or Mycommerce ).

We are Paypal verified sellers and refund request can be made through Paypal as well, though we cannot say how long that process may take.

Are there any watermarks or logos in the file I’ll get?

All the graph templates are created in PowerPoint and are easy to edit. There are no logos or trademarks in the files and you can easily add in your company logo.

We have placed logos in the images on our website to prevent copying of images online.

Still have some questions?

Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Write to us here.

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