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Learn to create Scroll graphic in PowerPoint. Follow our step by step instructions to create this useful graphic to spruce up your business slides.

A quick word about Scroll graphic in PowerPoint:

Plain text on a business slide is boring. But, sometimes it is unavoidable. For example, when you want to mention a relevant ‘quote’ on your subject or write a definition of a term – you have no other option than to put long text on your slides.

In such cases, instead of using boring text boxes, you can try using some interesting graphics that make your business slides interesting. In this article, you will learn to create an interesting ‘Scroll’ graphic to spruce up your business slides.

You can use the ‘Scroll’ in PowerPoint to:

  • Showcase famous ‘Quotes’ on the topic of your presentations
  • Highlight an important announcement from the ‘top’
  • Use it to reveal a data chart
  • Present the result of discussions etc.

Let us learn to create the following scroll in a step by step way.

Scroll Graphic in PowerPoint

Step 1: Draw the base shape

Using ‘Rectangle tool’ in auto shapes menu, draw a rectangular block as shown below:

Rectangle base to create scroll
Add two more pieces of smaller rectangular blocks on either side of this long block to resemble a scroll:

Creating the Scroll Graphic
Make sure that the blocks touch each other and are aligned properly.

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Step 2: Make a scroll

Select each of the blocks while holding ‘Shift’ button. Right click and go to Format shape -> Fill -> Gradient fill -> Preset colors -> Chrome II.

Chrome 2 Gradient Fill for Metallic Finish
Let the outline of the shapes be dark grey with line weight = 1pt.

Outline Setting for Graphic
The result will be a metallic bar like this…

Scroll bar in PowerPoint
Make a copy of this shape and place it a couple of inches below the original shape. Draw a rectangle that connects the middle blocks and fill it with ‘light grey’ color as follows.

Scroll Template in PowerPoint
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Our scroll is almost ready. It is time to…

Step 3: Give it the final touches

Go to ‘Basic shapes’ option in Auto shapes menu and select ‘Trapezoid’ tool to draw a small trapezium. Fill it with dark grey and remove the outline.

Draw a vertical line that touches the upper edge of the shape as shown here:
Final touches for Scroll Paper
Group the line and trapezium. Make a copy of this group and place them on either side of the upper blocks and add relevant text with hand written font to complete the graphic in PowerPoint.
Final Scroll Graphic in PowerPoint
You can add charts and animation to the scroll to create your custom background:
Column Chart on Scroll with Animation

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Thus, by using simple tools in auto shapes you can create some exciting graphics to spruce up your business slides.

Variations of the graphic:

Here are a couple of variations of the scroll graphic taken from our ‘PowerPoint Charts and Diagram Templates packs for CEOs’. The two CEO packs have more than 1600 premium charts, diagrams, graphs and graphics to help you visualize business ideas fast.
Vertical Scroll Graphic from CEO Pack 2

Here is a horizontal variation of the scroll:

Vertical Scroll Graphic from CEO Pack 2

Source: PowerPoint e-Learning Templates from CEO Pack 2

Agenda Template from CEO Pack 2
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