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Learn to create interesting 3D layered model in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instruction to create this useful diagram for your business presentations.

Quick Word About Layer Diagram:

Layer diagram is used in a number of fields. You can use the diagram to represent:

  • System architecture with multiple layers
  • Multiple stages in a process
  • Multiple levels of security etc.

In this article, we will learn to create the base diagram with multiple levels. We will also show you a simple way to depict an arrow passing through the layers. Here is the interesting 3D tiered diagram you will learn:

Layer DiagramStep 1: Create the base diagram

Use ‘Rectangle’ tool in Auto shapes menu to draw a rectangle.

Right click on the rectangle -> Format shape ->3D rotation -> Presets -> Off Axis 1 Top.

Format 3D Rotation In the same ‘Format Shape’ pane – Click on 3D format -> Bevel -> Top -> Circle. Increase the ‘Depth’ to 25pt. You will get a circular block with 3D perspective as shown here:

3D Strata DiagramYou can make multiple copies of the block and place them one on top of the other to create a simple layer diagram.

Simple layer diagramYou can take the diagram to the next level by showing an arrow passing through the layers.

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Step 2: Arrow passing through the layers

You can create an illusion of an arrow passing through the layers by carefully stacking different objects one above the other.

First, draw a vertical bar using ‘rectangle’ tool in auto shapes menu. Right click on the shape and use ‘Send to Back option’ to push the layer to the bottom. Place the rectangular block you learnt to create in Step 1 on top of the bar.

Stacking the LayersNow, place a copy of the bar on top of the block. Make sure that the bars are aligned vertically.

Completed TierNow, it is time to place another block on top of the bar.

You can repeat the process for as many layers as you need. Once you are done, draw an ‘Up arrow’ from Auto shapes menu under ‘Block arrows’ option as the top most layer as shown below:

final Layered DiagramThus, you create a useful and interesting layered diagram in PowerPoint.

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Variations of the diagram:

We wish to show you some more useful variations of the diagram from our ‘CEO Pack Volume 2’. The readymade diagram templates pack has more than 815 premium PowerPoint Concepts, Models and Business graphics to help you visualize business ideas.

Layers of an Onion Diagram

The following template shows a cross section view of an Onion diagram. The tubular layers add visual interest to the slide apart from conveying the depth of the layers.

Layers of an Onion DiagramHere is another variation of circular layers:

Circular Layers Diagram from CEO Pack 2

Source: PowerPoint Models from CEO Pack 2

You can choose simple rounded rectangles to depict nested layers. You can reveal them one after another using custom animation, to build your story:

Implications Consulting ModelYou can play with variations in shape of the layers:

Implications Model

Source: PowerPoint Models from CEO Pack 2

Thus, with a bit of imagination and application you can create your own versions of layer diagram.

If you are too busy to play with different tools of PowerPoint to create your business diagrams from the scratch, we have an elegant solution for you.

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If you found this tutorial useful, please browse through our website and get ideas to change the way you create your business presentations forever.

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