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Use the magnet as a visual metaphor. See the amazing conceptual uses of a simple horse shoe magnet diagram in your business presentations.

Drawing visual inspiration from everyday objects for your business presentations:

Creating the right visuals for a business presentation is always a challenge. You may toil for hours on end trying to visualize your ‘business concept’ – and yet achieve very little success to show for your effort. In such instances, it is a good idea to draw inspiration from everyday objects you see around yourself.

In this article, we will show you some amazing conceptual uses of a simple horse shoe magnet diagram.

The magnet concept:

A magnet can be used as a visual metaphor for attraction. You can use different properties of a magnet to portray different messages on your business slides. Here are some interesting concepts that can be communicated using the metaphor of a magnet.

1. Concept of attraction:

A magnet ‘attracts’. So, metaphorically you can use it to communicate attraction of any kind. For example, here is a diagram template on attracting money:

Magnet Concept to Attract Money

You can use it convey…

  • How your business idea is attracting investors from around the world
  • How your positive attitude attracts money
  • How your new product seems to appeal to new markets etc.

If you add the image a team on one side of the magnet and ‘success’ on the other side, you get a whole new concept altogether:

Magnet Concept to attract success

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2. Selective attraction

A magnet attracts elements selectively. It works as if ‘it knows what it wants’.

This amazing trait of a magnet can be used to communicate business concepts that involve selective attraction. Take a look at the following magnet concept:

Magnet at Metaphor for Attraction

The coins could signify different things. For example, you can use the diagram to communicate…

  • The rules you use to select the right prospect for your business
  • The method you use to ‘pick’ the right choice from among various options etc.

You can add the silhouettes of some executives under the magnet, and your slide on recruitment is ready:

HR Concept shown with Magnet Diagram

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3. Holding back

You can even talk about how your current situation is holding you back from achieving new targets. See this interesting diagram template that conveys the concept:

 Holding Back Concept

The uses of a magnet concept are limited only by your imagination.

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Horse Shoe Magnet Tutorial using PowerPoint 2010:

It is surprisingly simple to create a horse shoe magnet. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Draw a rounded rectangle using the auto shapes menu. Adjust the yellow handles to get full curvature at the top. Make a copy of the shape.

Right click on the shape -> go to Size and rotation option -> Reduce the size to 60%. Change the fill color and remove outline. Place this copy in the middle of the earlier shape. You will get the following result:

Rounded Rectangles

Step 2:

Select the outer shape first and inner shape later while holding the ‘shift’ tab. Press ‘Shape subtract’ option:

Shape Subtract to Create Magnet

Step 3:

Now draw a rectangle along the bottom half of this shape. Select the earlier shape first and the new rectangle later while holding the ‘shift’ tab. Press ‘Shape subtract’ option:

Create Magnet Tutorial

Step 4:

Now just add two rectangles at the bottom of each of the ends and your horse shoe magnet is ready.

Simple Horse Shoe Magnet

When you apply 3D perspective, you will get a visually attractive magnet like this:

 Magnet with 3d perspective

Now, you can use the magnet concept to communicate any idea you want.

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