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PowerPoint 2010 has a number of great features added in over and above PowerPoint 2007. However, all the new functions and features are not easily located, unless you are looking for them. This section deals specifically with features of PowerPoint 2010 that are useful for a business presenter.

Tutorials in This Section

Draw Decision tree in PowerPoint 2010

Decision tree diagramLearn to draw creative decision tree in PowerPoint 2010. Follow these simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram for your business presentations.


Arrow in PowerPoint SmallCreate Custom Arrow in PowerPoint 2010

Learn to create 3 different custom arrow in PowerPoint 2010. Follow our step by step instructions to create arrows that make your business slides stand out.

Charts in PowerPoint 2010



Formatting Tip for Charts in PowerPoint 2010

Discover a useful formatting tip for charts. Show negative values in your PowerPoint column chart in a different color with a single click.


Mobius Strip Example

Mobius Strip Diagram Tutorial

Learn to create Mobius triangle Diagram in PowerPoint 2010. Follow our simple step by step instructions.


Create Circular Arrows Image

Circular Arrows
Represent any circular process, business concept or idea easily with this circular arrow diagram.

Segmented Venn Diagram PowerPoint Tutorial

Segmented Venn Diagram
Learn to create a useful segmented diagram in PowerPoint 2010 and explain your concepts with impact.

Yin Yang Symbol PowerPoint 2010 Tutorials Image

Yin Yang Diagram
Learn to draw a glossy Yin Yang Concept diagram in PowerPoint 2010 in matter of seconds.

CEO Pack for PowerPoint

Create PowerPoint Puzzle Image

PowerPoint Puzzle
PowerPoint puzzle is a useful diagram to be used in business presentations. It is quite easy to create this versatile diagram.

Create Curved Arrow Image

Curved Arrow Diagram
Find a simple way to draw a stunning curved arrow in PowerPoint 2010.

PowerPoint Gears Image

PowerPoint Gears
Discover a super easy way to draw PowerPoint gears using PowerPoint 2010. Make any gear you want by following three simple steps.

Quick Access Toolbar Option Use

Quick Access Toolbar
Setting up this toolbar helps you find hidden commands and functions in PowerPoint 2010.

PowerPoint Thermometer

Data-Driven Thermometer
Discover a simple way to create a nifty data driven PowerPoint thermometer.

PowerPoint Folder Image

PowerPoint Folder
Discover a simple way to create PowerPoint Folder diagram in 1 minute.


Bulb Diagram Image

Amazing Bulb Diagram
Bulb is used as a metaphor to represent an idea. So, you can use the diagram to represent a concept or an idea.

PowerPoint Arrow Image
Branched PowerPoint Arrow

An arrow is a veryuseful shape to convey multiple concepts in any presentation. This branched arrow helps you to represent many ideas easily.

Using PowerPoint Shapes Image

Consulting Diagrams
Play with PowerPoint Shapes and create consulting diagrams easily with this tutorial.

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