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Here is a simple but creative Presentation agenda idea in PowerPoint. Use the idea in your e-learning projects or business presentations.

The creative PowerPoint agenda idea is:

PowerPoint Agenda Tutorial This is a creative alternative to the usual bulleted agenda slide. The diagram uses the metaphor of box folders to segregate agenda points that are already covered and items that are yet to be covered. You can use the different colors of the box folders as themes for different items in your presentation.

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Where to use a creative agenda template?

You can use the template in long presentations with large individual segments to orient your audience. The idea is especially effective in your e-learning projects.  In fact, you can use the same colored folders for handouts on different sections. Some uses for the template are:

  • Induction presentation for new employees to introduce different departments
  • Business plan presentations to segregate different sections of the plan
  • Finance presentations to cover contributions by different business units and so on…

In this article, you will learn to create the box folder icon and see how we can use the template as a guide post for your presentation.

Step 1: Create the base folder

Go to Auto shapes menu and select the ‘Rectangle’ tool. Draw 3 rectangles of different shapes. Color them differently. Enter appropriate text as shown below:

Base Folder for Agenda Our base folder shape is ready.

Step 2: Create the ring at the bottom

The ring at the bottom is nothing but a combination of two circles like this…

Circles for Folder To create this, go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Oval’ tool. Hold the ‘Shift’ tab and draw two circles, one larger than the other. Select the outer circle. Right click and go to Format Shape -> Fill -> Gradient fill -> Presets -> Chrome II as shown here:

Chrome 2 Graidient Fill Select the inner circle and fill it with ‘black’ color. Group the two circles and reduce their size. Place them at the bottom half of the box folder shape you created in Step 1:

Folder for Agenda with Circle

Step 3: Create the wooden shelf

Wooden shelf is nothing but a combination of a rectangle and a trapezium:

Base for Folder For the Wooden shelf:

Go to Auto shapes menu and use ‘Rectangle tool’ to draw a long rectangle. Remove the outline. Fill with Texture -> Oak.

Fill Rectangle with Wood Lower part of the shelf:

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘Trapezoid tool to draw a long trapezium to match the length of the 3D platform you just created.

Trapezium Shape Select the shape -> Arrange -> Rotate -> Flip vertically. Fill it with black color and place it along the bottom edge of the shelf. Make copies of the box folder, change colors and arrange them on top of the newly created shelf.

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Using the template:

You can create two segments of space on top of the shelf. One is named as ‘Items covered’ and the other is named as ‘Items to be covered’.

As you finish the each point, you can move the relevant box folder to the left, to indicate that the point is covered. Your creative agenda template is ready.

PowerPoint Agenda with Folders Variations of PowerPoint agenda:

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Agenda Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

PowerPoint agenda design elements

Animated Gold Agenda

Animated Gold Agenda

3D Circular List of Items

3D Circular List

Checklists from PowerPoint CEO Pack

PowerPoint Checklist

Text Boxes from PowerPoint CEO Pack

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