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Draw an amazing Cardboard Box in PowerPoint in 1 minute or less. Follow our simple step by step instruction and create this useful diagram.

The PowerPoint Box you will learn to create today is:

PowerPoint Box tutorials

It is hard to believe that it is created in PowerPoint. Isn’t it? But, you will see how simple it is to create this diagram in the next few minutes. But before that…

Where to use the box diagram in your presentations?

A box diagram is used quite extensively in strategic and consulting presentations. For example, you can use the diagram to represent categorization of any kind:

Cardboard Box Creative

Tip: You can also use a folder diagram to show categorization.

Or you can use the diagram to represent certain components included in a concept. For example:

Components Box PowerPoint

Or you can use it to convey some deeper ideas, like ‘two teams differing in their maturity levels:

Comparison of Concepts PowerPoint

So, a box diagram has a lot of uses in business PowerPoint presentations. In this article, you will find a surprisingly quick way to draw a cardboard box. Once you learn to draw the basic diagram, you can vary the texture of the box as per your specific needs.

Step 1: Drawing the basic CUBE shape

Go to Auto shapes menu and choose the ‘cube’ option under ‘Basic Shapes’.

Cube Shape PowerPoint Menu

Draw the box shape.

Draw Cube Shape

Step 2: Draw the top of the box

From the Auto shapes menu, choose Parallelogram tool under Basic Shapes.

Parallelogram Shape

Place the parallelogram on the box. The size of the parallelogram should be slightly smaller than the top of the box. Adjust the yellow handle till the edges of the parallelogram correspond with the edges of the top like this:

Basic Box Shape Tutorial

Step 3: Fill with Cardboard texture

Download any ‘Cardboard texture’ image from the net. There are lots of free options available online.

Select the box shape and the parallelogram shape and use Shape fill -> Picture Fill -> Cardboard texture image that you downloaded. Voila! Your cardboard box is ready.

You can either remove the outline or use a light brown outline for the box and the top. Draw a vertical straight line from the top left corner of the parallelogram to represent the inner edge of the box as follows:

PowerPoint Box tutorials

Go ahead and use this remarkable diagram in the way you like.

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Variations of PowerPoint box diagrams:

We wish to show you some variations of box diagram to use in your business presentations. These are diagram templates we have created for our customers:

Box Shape PowerPoint from CEO Pack

Source: Custom Animation | CEO Pack

Cube Diagrams from PowerPoint CEO Pack

Business Concepts from PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Source: Business Concepts from 750+ Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

You can also take a look at other related tutorials in this website and sharpen your PowerPoint Skills as well as get creative presentation ideas.

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